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If you findrepparttar installation difficult or too time consuming, you can hire a professional script installation service provider such as Script Jockeys. They can installs scripts such asrepparttar 144294 ones listed above.

Their services include: * Script installation and customization * Script debugging / troubleshooting * CGI, Perl and PHP scripts * Scripts utilizing MySQL databases

Though I haven't tried their services, you can find more about them at

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ASP, CGI and PHP Scripts and Record-Locking: What Every Webmaster Needs To Know

Written by Sunil Tanna

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Of course, avoiding having your data corrupted should berepparttar paramount consideration in choosing a script, but is there anything else we need to be concerned about?

Answer: Performance

Of course, all webmasters are aiming to build busy high traffic web sites... but will your scripts be able to handlerepparttar 143660 load?

Go back and re-readrepparttar 143661 paragraph on file-locking. Now think about what would happen if allrepparttar 143662 classified ads on your classified page were stored in a single file (or allrepparttar 143663 links on your top site, or allrepparttar 143664 subscribers to your autoresponder, etc.).

What would happen?

Answer: Because each update can only be performed afterrepparttar 143665 previous update has been completely finished, your site may be slow, or even unable to handle all your users' requests.

So what'srepparttar 143666 solution?

There's two options that programmers can use:

1. They can use lots of small files and file-lock each individually (for example, one per classified, one per top site listing, etc.). Of course, this needs to be handled very carefully...

2. They can use a database (like MySQL), as databases allow any one individual record ("row") to be updated, even when another is also being updated.


Now, let's summarise:

1. Scripts that store data in files need to use file-locking to avoid data-corruption, and they also need to breakrepparttar 143667 data into separately updateable chunks to avoid performance problems on busy web sites.

2. Scripts that store data in databases (like MySQL), provided of course that they have been properly coded, are usually less likely to suffer from data-corruption or performance problems.

And one additional point:

3. Evenrepparttar 143668 best script is not immune to hard-disk hardware failures, your web host being struck by lightning, and allrepparttar 143669 other snafus that can happen. So, do take regular back-ups of any data that you can't afford to lose!

In short, even if you're not a script programmer, you need to be aware of data storage issues. In future, when considering a script for your web site, don't be afraid to ask some hard questions about how it stores data and how well it handles multiple users.

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