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Written by Ed Zivkovic

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Note: There are thousands of people giving away all types of free software programs riddled with scumware which produces undesirable effects uponrepparttar user and their PC's. This is a topic of continual research at I suggest that all who wish to use these nasty but handy little downloads getting aroundrepparttar 116831 Internet to actually readrepparttar 116832 agreement before installing.

Jealously Guarded Secrets

Why would some Internet Marketing Developer tell you aboutrepparttar 116833 really good stuff that you can get for free? It would not serve their PayPal account if they did. Furthermore, many affiliates seem to keep these jealously guarded secrets to themselves because they want to squeeze every dollar out of their subscriber list. Hell, I even know of Internet Marketers who have no outbound links on their site unless they are affiliate links.

I myself do not mind outbound links on my site if they will serve my readers. For example, I could be an affiliate for a number of HTML editors out there, but I openly show my readers where to get a fully working 100% Free HTML editor at my site:

I have recently been giving support to a successful Internet marketer in regards to this basic HTML editing tool and FTP-ing because they have been taught to use a what you see is what you get editor that performs FTP as well. They needed help because they have been deliberately kept inrepparttar 116834 dark with a non-free program that is not as good a free one.

Some developers of non-free software can hardly wait to get a barely working stable version out there intorepparttar 116835 marketplace. As soon as it "barely works", they send a broadcast to all their affiliates telling them that they arerepparttar 116836 first to know and that they should email their list immediately with this hot new profit making, time saving software. Some affiliates recommend software even though deep down inside they know that it is not as "crash hot" asrepparttar 116837 sales page claims. (This of course assumes that they even own a copy.)

Not only that, I have hadrepparttar 116838 experience of reporting bugs to a couple of developers but my emails go unanswered. They do not seem to care because as far asrepparttar 116839 developer is concerned,repparttar 116840 promise is fulfilled as advertised. Their job is now to spit out another project in order to repeatrepparttar 116841 process.

Tip: Before you buy a software program, why not do a quick search forrepparttar 116842 term "open source _____" and addrepparttar 116843 name ofrepparttar 116844 type of software you want, just to see what results come up :-)

The author, Ed Zivkovic owns his own website which contains articles with all sorts of tips for work at home webmasters. Here isrepparttar 116845 site:

The author, Ed Zivkovic is a self-taught webmaster. His website contains articles with all sorts of tips for work at home webmasters. Here is the site:

New Habits, Growing Economy Help To Sell Giftware And Collectibles

Written by Opal Gilbert

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Offering exclusive or hard-to-find items is another way to stand out inrepparttar collectibles and giftware world. We are constantly looking for such items for our retail and wholesale customers so we can differentiate ourselves from our competition. We offer an exclusive line of inspirational items called, “Divine Inspiration,” which is growing and has become popular with collectors. Entrepreneurs should keep in mind that collectibles encompass a mind-boggling number of items, sincerepparttar 116830 term refers to anything that people might collect. Often, specializing in a certain type of item can be profitable if there is a large enough demand and there are few sources forrepparttar 116831 item.

Even with all ofrepparttar 116832 technological tools at their disposal today, collectors still have trouble finding an item that they desire. Some collectors may not be Internet-savvy, or may not be familiar with sources in their areas. The more adept that home-based sellers of collectibles and giftware become at finding specific items for customers,repparttar 116833 more they will be relied on as a resource, andrepparttar 116834 more customer loyalty they will develop.

Even if an entrepreneur does provide all of this added value torepparttar 116835 customer, prices should be kept low. Customer loyalty can quickly turn if they realize thatrepparttar 116836 items of a certain seller are obviously overpriced. The profit margin for collectibles and giftware is generally high, so prices can be kept low whilerepparttar 116837 profit margin can remain relatively high forrepparttar 116838 seller. Keeping prices low will helprepparttar 116839 collectibles and giftware seller attract many more customers.

One ofrepparttar 116840 best aspects of selling collectibles and giftware is that it is a year-round business, unlikerepparttar 116841 huge seasonal highs and lows seen in other retail areas. Atrepparttar 116842 same time,repparttar 116843 Christmas, Mother’s Day and Valentine’s Day shopping seasons always bring a big boost torepparttar 116844 collectibles and giftware business.

Selling collectibles and giftware can be a rewarding home-based business in whichrepparttar 116845 entrepreneurs are truly their own bosses. Because ofrepparttar 116846 changing habits of collectors andrepparttar 116847 impending economic upturn, selling collectibles and giftware is perhaps one ofrepparttar 116848 brightest opportunities inrepparttar 116849 world of home-based businesses today.

Opal R. Gilbert isrepparttar 116850 President of O.R. Gilbert Enterprises. She operates Global Specialty Gifts, which is her own online and catalog retail and wholesale business, specializing in gift items and collectibles. Global Specialty Gifts may be found online at Sub-wholesalers may purchase items there at below-wholesale prices. For more information, contact Opal R. Gilbert directly at (212) 685-1729, toll free at (888) 241-3267 or by fax at (212) 686-1742. Email:

Opal Gilbert is the author of "New Habits, Growing Economy Help To Sell Giftware And Collectibles". She is the President Of O.R. Gilbert Enterprises. She operates Global Specialty Gifts, an online catalog and wholesale business specializing in gift items and collecibles. Visit the website at: Email To:

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