Only The Weak Ones Quit!

Written by graham and julie

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The problem was, six months later, no work. He had visited a couple of owners of small and medium sized businesses to talk over their problems, sorry issues, but he was never retained. He felt that they were either seeing him out of politeness, because they couldn't say no overrepparttar telephone or because they were trying to pick his brains atrepparttar 116780 meeting rather than pay for his ‘expertise'. David actually met one owner on a number of occasions, including buying him lunch, but to no avail. Lyn, his wife, was getting worried becauserepparttar 116781 redundancy cheque had long since disappeared and their savings was goingrepparttar 116782 same way. He refused to apply for jobs saying that he knew he was doingrepparttar 116783 right thing. He just hadn't foundrepparttar 116784 right company yet. David's sole marketing was cold calling and calling his old network in case they had anything. Asrepparttar 116785 months ticked away so did his money, his temper, his relationship and his health. His cold calling got less and less because ‘that didn't work'. He found himself reading more, buying more and more management books and magazines and becoming better organised. He had a great filing system but no work. He decided he needed a web site. So spent hours and hours designing and developing his web presence. Many, many hours not contacting a potential customer because they would now come fromrepparttar 116786 web. The months went by,repparttar 116787 savings got less and less. His wife worked more and more hours to keeprepparttar 116788 ship afloat. You see, David couldn't quit. He couldn't accept that being a management consultant wasn't working for him. Because onlyrepparttar 116789 weak ones quit. The difference between success and failure is that successful entrepreneurs know when to quit a project and start again. They are not attached to their loss making thoughts, attitudes and beliefs. It isrepparttar 116790 strong, focussed and determined that quit failing ventures before it costs them a lot of money. It is an ego driven myth that onlyrepparttar 116791 weak ones quit. Graham and Julie

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A Plan, What a Novel Way to do Business!

Written by Dave Jones

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Even now I have my mouse hand twitching because an e-mail has just flashed up suggesting that I need training in this evenings affiliate presentation. Well I didn't actually have time to dwell on that when I signed on, so I definitely will need to be doingrepparttar training. I was hoping to get my auto responder happening next so I hope both can be done. Yeah right, all good in plan but didn't actually count onrepparttar 116779 auto responder payment stalling and just managed to getrepparttar 116780 wind down onrepparttar 116781 training session. Oh how they must hate late entry's. So there you have it. If this is even vaguely familiar to how you're traveling I hope you don't mind my saying, you need help, and big time!

The message then; you thought I got sidetracked didn't you. Do not contemplate starting your business without a plan on how you are going to get things done. There's just an insane amount of detail you've got to get through and you'll never get there unless you plan it out. I mentioned all ofrepparttar 116782 above because I finally dragged myself out ofrepparttar 116783 forest and started making good headway. You have my whole hearted endorsement on package type deals because that's what I settled on and that's when things started going forwards.

Byrepparttar 116784 way,repparttar 116785 plan comes withrepparttar 116786 website package so once you're up and running withrepparttar 116787 package,repparttar 116788 rest, as they say, is duplicatable. Don't worry; I'm not trying to sell yourepparttar 116789 plan or evenrepparttar 116790 package and I could care less about whether you leave without buying. My point here is that if you're struggling to get started then you haverepparttar 116791 makings of an option here. Stop on by my site if you're even mildly curious to give it a go. I'm more than happy to offer any pointers, but trust me, it's all inrepparttar 116792 plan.

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