Online poker room to launch exclusive new poker tournament.

Written by Simon Prodger

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The Victor Poker Cup will, according to Chairman, Victor Chandler, “be a truly ground-breaking event that will give European poker an event to rank alongside anything seen inrepparttar United States.” Mr Chandler goes on to add “We’re proud to be sponsoring a tournament that will become synonymous withrepparttar 116260 glamour and excitement of high-stakes poker. At every step we’ll be ensuring that The Victor Poker Cup isrepparttar 116261 Rolls Royce of poker tournaments.”

Costing £5,000 to enter, The Victor Poker Cup is open to anyone. Players can register online at, directly overrepparttar 116262 phone on 020 7862 0045 or via email on Alternatively, a range of online qualifying satellites are running at Victor Chandler Poker ( where at least 14 lucky internet players will find themselves with a ticket torepparttar 116263 biggest game in town.

Simon Prodger is the Product Marketing Manager of Europe's fastest growing online poker room, Victor Chandler Poker (

How To Make Mug Rugs

Written by Mary Wilkins

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Layer with batting on bottom, backing right side up and top wrong side up. Stitch around entire outside edge leaving an opening to turn. Turn right side out and gently poke out your corners. Then stitch opening closed.

A nice gift for someone when it co-ordinates with their kitchen.

Mary Wilkins is the mother of 3 grown children and grandmother to 6 perfect grandchildren. She is also owner/editor of

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