Online bookings for sports clubs

Written by Liz Toone

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The easy to use software requires no installation, little technical expertise to set up and no staff training. In-Zone has been designed to be an intuitive application that can be customized to fitrepparttar look and feel of any corporate website.

In-Zone includes detailed reports on facility usage and provides clubs with plenty of back office statistics all in an easy to digest format. Clubs can find out which facilities arerepparttar 138489 most popular by time slot, day, month or which time slots are most used and which bring inrepparttar 138490 most revenue.

In-Zone is an offrepparttar 138491 shelf, pay as you go, fully customizable application with instant online set up.

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Liz Toone is marketing manager for Absolute Micros a UK based IT software solutions provider since 1996.

Entertaining on Your Pontoon Boat

Written by Thomas Holley

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Duringrepparttar evening hours, pontoon boats can be a wonderful setting for a high class outing out on a local waterway. Pontoon boats can be outfitted quite lavishly, and along withrepparttar 138412 right lighting can create a spectacular mood for an early or late evening trip. When planning an elegant evening out on your pontoon boat, also plan for drinks and light appetizers to be served as well. Many pontoon boats are capable for being equipped with refrigerators and stoves for cooking for formal occasions, and grills for nights when you may want to grill out onrepparttar 138413 water.

Entertaining on your pontoon boat can be just as easy as entertaining in your own home. Choosing to entertain on a pontoon boat, however, can add a fantastic element of atmosphere to your gathering that simply cannot be found anywhere else.

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