Online Ticket Sales Ideally Suited to Web

Written by Rick Hendershot

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Then with a few clicks ofrepparttar mouse you can reserve your seats without ever leavingrepparttar 144327 comfort of your office or home.

Buying sports tickets or concert tickets demonstratesrepparttar 144328 awesome ability ofrepparttar 144329 internet. Sites like pull together large amounts of constantly changing information, present it in an easily understood and easy-to-navigate format, and then make it incredibly easy to make a purchase.

Just a few years ago this kind of "one stop shopping" for event tickets was not even imaginable. As with so many other services, it used to be that buying concert tickets, tickets to a sporting event, or theater tickets was a major ordeal. But sites like have made buying event tickets a breeze.

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Business Marketing Strategy

Written by Joy Gendusa

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2. Create A USP For Your Business

USP stands for "Unique Selling Proposition".

It is a statement of what is different about your company and its products. Your USP givesrepparttar reason people should do business with you. It amplifiesrepparttar 144305 benefit of doing business with you and your company. My USP is POSTCARD MARKETING EXPERTS.

Create your own USP and put it on all your promotional materials, invoices, shipping labels etc.

Use your USP to communicaterepparttar 144306 benefit of doing business with you and why you are better than any of your competitors.

3. Always Make an Offer

Make sure you ask your prospects and customers to do something when they receive your postcard. By offering them something you know they are likely to want and giving them a smooth path to respond on, you are making it easy and desirable for them to respond.

4. Create and Maintain a Database of The Customer Information You Collect From The Responses To Your Mailings

Most people who receive a postcard from you won't contact yourepparttar 144307 first time they receive one.

But once they contact you, you must create and maintain a database which allows you to repeatedly contact them with offers to respond to.

Fifty percent or more of many businesses' sales come as a result of following up with people who were previously contacted, but didn't buy right away.

No kidding, repeat contact does drive sales. One-time mailings can get response, but are bound to leave sales onrepparttar 144308 table. Those sales can be picked up with repeated mailings.

5. Take Awayrepparttar 144309 Fear of Loss

People don't want to be fooled, plain and simple. Unfortunately trust does not run high today between customers and businesses in general. People have been disappointed too many times by being sold one thing and getting another.

A guarantee or warranty is a good way to reduce or eliminaterepparttar 144310 customers’ risk of getting something other than what they bargained for.

Guarantees and warranties increase response and sales by reducing customer risk.

6. Expand Your Product Line

Getting new customers is more expensive than selling to existing ones. By regularly developing new products and services to sell to your customers and offering these new products and services to them, you can expand your business efficiently and easily.

7. Test Your Postcard Promotions

Trackrepparttar 144311 effectiveness of your postcard mailings. How many people responded to your mailing? What dollar amount of sales resulted from those responses?

Isrepparttar 144312 money you are spending to attract new business giving you a good return? What can you do to make your marketing more effective? Change your offer, headline, price,repparttar 144313 timing of your offer. When you do trackrepparttar 144314 results and improve your response.

These arerepparttar 144315 points to follow when designing your own marketing strategy. When you are done, you will have laid outrepparttar 144316 steps needed to accomplish your goal using existing resources to achieve a great marketing ROI (return on investment).

After that, you simply have to get those steps executed and that might require further planning but it is all inrepparttar 144317 context of your main business marketing strategy.

Joy Gendusa founded PostcardMania in 1998; her only assets a computer and a phone. By 2004 the company did $9 million in sales and employed over 60 persons. She attributes her explosive growth to her ability to choose incredible staff and her innate marketing savvy. Now she’s sharing her marketing secrets with others. Visit

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