Online Success- Just $100,000 will get you started!

Written by Paul White

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Onrepparttar other hand, someone who had invested $100,000 in their business will fight tooth and nail to make their business work!

They will find solutions to problems, they will approach things a different way, do whatever is necessary, until it does work, rather than give up, because they have invested too much to lose it all.

So if you want to knowrepparttar 102602 correct approach to making a success of your affiliate business, it is to imagine that it cost you $100,000 to get started!

Imagine if you had to use your life savings, mortgage your home, or borrow fromrepparttar 102603 bank to start up, then you would have a completely different attitude to begin with.

If you can imagine that every month you are paying back as much as you can possibly afford torepparttar 102604 bank for your business, and then you really use this money as your advertising and promotion budget, then you will see your business grow dramatically!

Use some of your budget to get your own website. This is essential, to have you own unique site, and you can have links to all of your different programs.

And follow advice!

If you had really invested $100,000 in your online business, then you would be more inclined to take advice from people who had already become successful.

Andrepparttar 102605 advise you will get from allrepparttar 102606 experts is that virtually all your efforts should go into promoting your own newsletter, not in promoting your affiliate site directly. Everyone agrees that '..the money is inrepparttar 102607 list..'

Encourage people to subscribe to it, by offering freebies, and incentives if they do subscribe.

In every newsletter, you keep telling people about your programs, and eventually they will buy something from you!

Think long term investment. Not short term. You could send a few thousand people to your one affiliate website, and you might, if you are lucky, make a bit of money. But having that same amount of people on your subscriber list will eventually make you rich!

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The Four Best Ways to Market Your Affiliate Program

Written by Declan Dunn

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Featured Product:

An excellent method to increase affiliate leads is to offer a Web Page that acts as a featured product atrepparttar affiliate’s Web Site. This can be a stand alone Web Page or one that merges in with Web Page content atrepparttar 102601 affiliate’s site. The key is to focus onrepparttar 102602 product being sold, a one product offer that stands out fromrepparttar 102603 rest of repparttar 102604 page. This can be integrated into a site almost as a sponsorship, withoutrepparttar 102605 cost. For example, if a high traffic area of an affiliate’s Web Site is available, encourage them to feature your product in that section alone. It is more effective forrepparttar 102606 affiliate to test response rates, and forrepparttar 102607 affiliate network it will result in more qualified leads.

This approach basically eliminatesrepparttar 102608 grouping of affiliate programs and encourages people to click on this important product, because it appears to be featured. The featured product enables you to gain exposure atrepparttar 102609 affiliate’s site in a way that is perceived favorably by visitors.


The best affiliate responses can come from a storefront integrated into another Web Site. This can be as simple as putting a logo graphic on top ofrepparttar 102610 page with a return link torepparttar 102611 affiliate’s Web Site, so thatrepparttar 102612 storefront appears to be an important part ofrepparttar 102613 Web Site as a whole.

Storefronts increase credibility by offering a selection of products in a single setting. The storefront should not be one of many at an affiliate’s Web Site, but an integral part of their efforts. While this requires more work onrepparttar 102614 part ofrepparttar 102615 affiliate network,repparttar 102616 returns can be much greater. Popular portal sites use this strategy often, but by extending it to highly trafficked sites, you can increase branding and perceived value of what you offer.

A good idea is to mixrepparttar 102617 text/banner ad approach in number 2 to a storefront, so you can offer multiple products. A good rule of thumb is not to offer more than 3-5 products at another Web Site; too many choices confuserepparttar 102618 visitor.

Finally,repparttar 102619 most glaring lack of focus in most affiliate networks is ad copy. Words are what motivate people to read, act, and buy. Without a good headline, testimonial, and ad copy, all your efforts will be hindered. Be sure that you look atrepparttar 102620 words you use in any ofrepparttar 102621 four methods and findrepparttar 102622 ones that work best for you, and your affiliates. Adapt your words until you findrepparttar 102623 ones that pullrepparttar 102624 best.

As I like to say, there are two types of businesses online; those who test, and those who lose money. If you are not testing, counting, and quantifying your affiliate network efforts, you are missing most ofrepparttar 102625 value . . . guaranteed.

Declan Dunn is one of the top experts on affiliate programs and the author of "Winning the Affiliate Game." ( )

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