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Written by Olivia Lambeth

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Outdoor gear As for outdoor gear and travel items, has everything that you need for whatever outdoor adventure that you are planning for yourself and your family. In addition to gear for fishing, hunting, boating and camping, you can gain great tips to help you along prepare for your trip from this site too. The good thing about is that there’s just nothing for hunting that you won’t be able to find here.

Toys Oh, don’t forgetrepparttar kids. With an easy-to-remember name like, you can find any toy that will suit any age. In fact, toys are categorized by age groups so that you won’t buy anything that your child can’t play, or is just too old for. If you are within a budget for toys, you can run a search by price as well. Also, for those who already know what they want to get, they can run a search through a holistic list of categories to findrepparttar 149248 exact toy that they have in mind.

In conclusion, online shopping is a dream that has become a reality, especially for those who simply love to shop. With so many choices, virtual places to visit as well as price comparison sites,repparttar 149249 consumer has never been so well-informed and pampered throughoutrepparttar 149250 history of shopping! Online shopping is just so amazing and if you have not tried it, you’d better start now! Looking for a Discount online shopping? visit

Author's bio: Olivia Lambeth is a creative and multi-talented fashion designer and has worked with reputed Fashion Houses for the past 12 years. She specialised in Casual Wears but nevertheless her unique design for Formal and hand work is worth mentioning.

How to Boost Conversion Rates, While Lowering Merchant Account Fees!

Written by Eric Graham

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Before loosening your AVS rules, you need to understand that most merchant account providers classify transactions that do not match for both street address and zip code as “non-qualified” transactions. These transactions usually get charged a higher discount rate than your normal discount rate. Depending on you merchant account agreement this penalty can add up to an additional 2% above your normal discount rate, so check with your merchant account provider before accepting “no match” transactions.

The solution torepparttar second problem take a little bit more work to implement, however it can significantly reducerepparttar 149182 number of AVS mismatches you receive. For this solution you can keep your AVS system set to reject “no match” transactions, however you need to modify your “Card Rejected” error page to include a brief educational statement, such asrepparttar 149183 one below.

“We’re sorry, your credit card has been declined. This can happen for several reasons. Your billing address* should matchrepparttar 149184 address on your credit card statement. Please check your billing address, card number and expiration date and try again.

*NOTE: If you have recently moved, your credit card company may not have updated your billing address in their Address Verification Database. It can take up to 6 months or longer for some credit card companies to update your address, even if they send your bill to your new address. If you have recently moved, try using your previous billing address when you check out.”

By making just a few changes inrepparttar 149185 way you use AVS at your web site and by educating your customers about address verification, you can boost your conversion rates and sales, while lowering your merchant account fees!

Want to improve your conversion rates? Eric Graham is the CEO of several successful online companies. Internationally recognized as a top authority on eCommerce & Website Conversion , he's an in-demand speaker & consultant.

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