Online Security while Traveling in the United States and Abroad

Written by Richard Rossbauer

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or it can be read online fromrepparttar link at

The interview ends with an invitation from Victor Pryles to use his free resources for travel articles and bargain trips.

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Richard started his "Firewalls and Virus Protection" website and "Security Alert News Reporter" to help everyday internet users safely navigate through the cyber space that has become a ?Cyber Jungle?, loaded with ambushes and booby-traps. He promotes his "Computer Security Awareness Campaign" thru his website at

MicroWorld Antivirus (MWAV) Toolkit Utility.

Written by MicroWorld Technologies Inc.

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This is exactly what MWAV toolkit today attempts to solve. It will search deep intorepparttar registry, even looking for entries which are normally not documented, and within minutes detect and remove viruses.

Moreover MWAV will remove "invalid" and "dead links" insiderepparttar 105868 registry, which often causes unnecessary warnings to fill uprepparttar 105869 Event Logs.

According to Mr. Govind Rammurthy, CEO of MicroWorld Technologies Inc., "Relatively undocumented auto-run entries insiderepparttar 105870 registry was a BIG hassle for customers and Antivirus vendors. The all-new-powerful MWAV will prove to be a real boon to customers and hardware technicians."

MWAV has already received numerous accolades and appreciations from customers worldwide and used by numerous consultants to "quick scan" PCs and Servers.

New MWAV can be downloaded and used from MicroWorld Technologies Inc. website

MicroWorld Technologies is one of the leading solution providers for Information Technology, Content Security and Communications Software. MicroWorld's primary motive is to "add confidence to computing" by developing innovative solutions targeting Single Home Users, Small & medium companies, Corporate, Large Enterprise, Schools & Universities, Government Organisations and ISPs.

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