Online Promotion with Google Sitemaps

Written by Thorsten Görke

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machine now Google Sitemaps. They generate a XML file with a Tool and send these at Google. In this file isrepparttar complete table of contents of its web page: Googlebot now notrepparttar 141644 side must call up on searches on its web page torepparttar 141645 left goes separating can aimed. More on - The SOURCE OF InterNet marketing and Adverting

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Secret to Increase Traffic from Banner Exchanges

Written by Ronald Vyhmeister

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Now, multiply those banner viewings by joining 2, 3, or 4 banner exchanges and you can start gettingrepparttar picture. A year from now (I wouldn't say this is a get rich quick scheme) you can be getting thousands of hits daily from your own credits andrepparttar 141612 credits of those you have referred torepparttar 141613 banner exchanges.

Now let's get down torepparttar 141614 basics of which banner exchanges I recommend you join to start putting this plan into action on your website. As I said above, I am personally a member of 2 banner exchanges. I have joined and reviewed more of them, but I am most satisfied with these two exchanges: LinkBuddies and Relmax.


The first site I recommend you to join is LinkBuddies. For every member you refer to LinkBuddies, you will receive 20% of that member's credits for life! LinkBuddies also gives you 500 FREE impressions just for joining. Other features include a wizard-based banner creator and banner targeting. To join visit

Relmax Flash Banner Exchange

Asrepparttar 141615 name states this is an exchange for flash banners, but they accept non-flash banners too. Relmax has a two-level referral program. You will receive 10% of your direct referral impressions earnings and also 5% of your indirect referral earnings. Relmax keep only 30% ofrepparttar 141616 banner impressions you generate, that is a good 10:7 ratio. Also you receive 1000 credits when you sign up. To join visit


Traditional use of banner exchanges is not a great advertising tool, even when they are free to use. But usingrepparttar 141617 right banner exchanges withrepparttar 141618 right strategy they can generate a lot of traffic to your website inrepparttar 141619 long run.

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