Online Poker Tournaments -- Time to get aboard

Written by Tom Howze

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Surrender in order to survive. It does not make sense to play marginal hands in a tournament if you don't have to. Unless you know you have a winning hand, it may be wiser to fold. The chips you save may help you to win a larger amount when you get a superior hand. Forrepparttar first few rounds in a tournament, you are trying to survive while others are being eliminated.

Takerepparttar 125415 time to understand when a player is "pot committed". When a player is pot committed, they have so much invested that it makes it hard to back away from folding or putting more chips in. Knowing to watch for this will enable you to put on more pressure when you know you have a superior hand. It should also help you know when to abandon a hand so that you do not place yourself in a situation when it becomes hard to back away.

Finally, keep a written record to track your play and earnings. It will help you to focus in order to become a better player. This lets you stay on track and forces you to ask yourself if you are playingrepparttar 125416 best game you can play.

Technology has affected how our society operates and this evolutionary step inrepparttar 125417 game makes it easier for those who love to play to become better and more competitive. And also don't forget,repparttar 125418 2003 and 2004 WSOP champions qualified playing overrepparttar 125419 Internet.

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Animal Behavior: What is My Dog Saying?

Written by C. Bailey-Lloyd/Lady Camelot

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Another body language sign to look for is inrepparttar ears. When a dog's ears are back and flat against their skull, this can mean one of two things: 1) If accompanied by a full-body tail wag, they're happy to see you, or 2) if coupled with their tail between their legs, they're afraid.

One animal behavior that many folks despise isrepparttar 125414 chewing and destruction of personal belongings. This, too is animal speech. What most humans don't know is that aside fromrepparttar 125415 destruction of personal property, dogs tend to chew things from their people owners, whom they likerepparttar 125416 most. Yes, I said, "whom they likerepparttar 125417 most." Dogs are fairly picky when it comes to chewing shoes, clothing, etc. When there are more persons in a household, dogs will specifically seek out personal items of people that they consider to be their master. Although this is notrepparttar 125418 nicest trait of animals, just remember that when you're scolding Rex that he only did it because he loves you.

In closing, dogs arerepparttar 125419 most telepathic lifeforms on earth. When you feel sad, they feel sad with you. When you are angry, they try to disolverepparttar 125420 situation with their loving and pawing. When you're happy, they feel your happiness with you. Observe your animals, they are picking up on your emotions more than you may think. And always, love your animals - they're here only a little while...perhaps to teach usrepparttar 125421 most vital communication skill inrepparttar 125422 world -repparttar 125423 ability to listen.

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