Online Network Marketing 101B - Basic Must Steps To Follow To Be A Successful Marketer

Written by Henry Tanaka

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6. Be creative

First of all, before we talk aboutrepparttar next step, we have to understand how important creativity is inrepparttar 150219 world of Online Network Marketing. As I mentioned before, there are hundreds of ways to advertise out there, and with each passing day, new methods are being invented. And oftenrepparttar 150220 case is that people that invent those methods get successful easier compared to others. So if you want to succeed fast, you have to be creative.

Most people think that being creative is a natural born talent. This is a very wrong way of thinking. Creativity is a habit! It is something that can be cultivated out of you! All you have to do is to tell yourself to be creative, PRACTICErepparttar 150221 habit of telling yourself that and LEARN many more new things to increase your creativity.

Let’s say for some reason you feel that you are not able to come up with anything creative. Do NOT worry! There are some online businesses out there that provide a lot of training. I am able to write this article all thanks torepparttar 150222 system that my online business provides me with. All you have to do is to be inrepparttar 150223 right system and takerepparttar 150224 initiative to be creative and add some persistence, you will do really well in your business.

7. Take action

This is highlighted again because I can’t emphasize it enough. If you have read this article andrepparttar 150225 previous article completely, then you are able to take action and do excellently in your business. It is time to stop thinking and picturing yourself being rich. Those are no good if you are not taking actions. With action, a clearer picture of success will be painted. So tell yourself that you will take action right after you finish reading this article.

If you askrepparttar 150226 successful elites inrepparttar 150227 world of online network marketing, a lot of them will say that network marketing is not difficult. You just have to sacrifice some time every day and you have to be persistent. I believe that everybody is able to do that and that leads to my other belief that everybody can be successful and get rich, including you.

Working together with you toward financial freedom, Henry Tanaka

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5 ways to turn visitors into loyal customers!

Written by John Crisano

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5. Answer emails quickly.

This may seem like a "No Brainer", but many web based business owners continue to lose site ofrepparttar fact that when someone contacts them with a questions…They,repparttar 150218 company are dealing with a "hot prospect". This is someone who has gone out of their way to send an email. This is someone who is already interested inrepparttar 150219 program or product andrepparttar 150220 only thing needed to closerepparttar 150221 sale is a quick professional response.

Onrepparttar 150222 flip side, respond to complaints quickly. This is very important and I will relate a story as to why it is so important.

A little while back my organization purchased an LCD monitor wall mount from a small, home based company on line. The item arrived quickly as promised, butrepparttar 150223 product was not as described onrepparttar 150224 web site. The mount was cheaply made and would not holdrepparttar 150225 36" TV as stated. My purchasing agents tried for several days to contact them. After leaving several phone messages and emails, no one ever tried to contact us. Finally, after a week, I went to their web contact page, emailed them and stated that I was interested in purchasing one of their mounts but had some questions. I left my contact phone number and sent it off. In less than 20 minutes my phone rang. It wasrepparttar 150226 company responding to my email. I was totally surprised atrepparttar 150227 quick response. I answeredrepparttar 150228 phone and started offrepparttar 150229 conversation something like this. "Hi, I'm interested in some of your wall mounts, but first, I have a question on why no one fromrepparttar 150230 company was responding to return requests of my Purchasing Agent". I toldrepparttar 150231 person onrepparttar 150232 phonerepparttar 150233 name ofrepparttar 150234 agent and suddenly,repparttar 150235 line got quiet, and then I heard a click. She hung up on me. As you can imagine, I was pretty upset. It was obvious thatrepparttar 150236 person onrepparttar 150237 other line knew what I was talking about. The next day I opened an investigation on an attempt to defraudrepparttar 150238 US Government. You see, I was also a contracting officer for a government agency. Moral of this story is –

1. Respond to complaints immediately. 2. You never know who your customers are – Treat everyone with respect and courtesy. 3. Treat every customer, new and old like they are their best customer!

These tips are only a few ofrepparttar 150239 many ways to gain and keep loyal customers. Don't be afraid to try new ideas. Ask your customers what they want, and give it to them. And never forget thatrepparttar 150240 only way that you can remain in business is from happy, satisfied customers.

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