Online Network Marketing 101A - Basic Must Steps To Follow To Be A Successful Marketer

Written by Henry Tanaka

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There are TOO MANY advertising styles out there. If you are new to advertising, you will get confused and you will be overwhelmed. One method of advertisement may be more effective compared to another but then again its effectiveness fully relies on individual usage of it. Take some quiet time to decide on advertising method. It doesn’t matter whichever one it is. Eventually, onrepparttar right time, not too long I hope, you will find one that best fits you. When you have decided on one, you can proceed torepparttar 150189 next step: “Take Action”.

3. Take Action

This is something that needs to be reminded over and over again. When you are lost, one ofrepparttar 150190 most effective methods to get a jump start is to TAKE ACTION! Once you start acting, many things around you will not be overwhelming anymore. That is to say: you are not lost anymore! When you take action, your at will lead to another act done byrepparttar 150191 your prospect. This in turn will cause you to take MORE action. The key that trigger this whole process is your first act! Your first act isrepparttar 150192 spark that will cause you to feelrepparttar 150193 warmness of SUCCESS!

Let’s compile what we have learnt so far. After findingrepparttar 150194 right mentor, discuss together with him/her to find out which advertising method is best for you. Once it is decided, you MUST start taking action!

Always remember that you arerepparttar 150195 key that will trigger your success. Without you taking any action, you will not experience a single tiny weenie bit of how it feels to be successful and you are walking with another failure in life (we got a lot of those, and enough is enough, no?) So start taking action!

In my next article we will learn aboutrepparttar 150196 importance of: “Learning, Practicing and Being Creative”. I will see you there. Cheers!

Working together with you towards financial freedom, Henry Tanaka

Henry Tanaka, a college undergrad who's been making a good income online, believes that with the right guidance and teamwork anyone can attain financial freedom through internet. Take a look at his step-by-step method at:

Writing Articles, But Still Not Getting Traffic? That’s Because Your Articles Suck – But I Can Help! (Part 1)

Written by Jason DeVelvis

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Byline (By: ME!)

Bylines are simple – just type your name inrepparttar box. Don’t use your business name - businesses don't write articles! If you're writing for your business, include it with a copyright atrepparttar 150164 bottom ofrepparttar 150165 body ofrepparttar 150166 article.

Summary (That about sums it all up…)

Summaries are there to pullrepparttar 150167 reader in. Their job is to tellrepparttar 150168 reader whatrepparttar 150169 article is about, and to grab their attention sorepparttar 150170 reader clicks and readsrepparttar 150171 article. Much like a headline, these need to be fairly catchy, but concentrate on informingrepparttar 150172 reader aboutrepparttar 150173 article. This is notrepparttar 150174 place to generate emotion (especially if your headline already has), but instead it’s where you need to leaverepparttar 150175 reader wanting more.

For example, "These tips will help you make over $5000/month" is a good sentence to put in your summary, as is "Find outrepparttar 150176 secrets of how to start your own business, without a lot of startup costs." Do NOT make this sound like a blatant sales pitch, or your article won't get read.

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Check out Part 2 of “Because your articles suck” for tips and tricks on how to write a great Article Body and a wonderful Resource Box.

Jason is a long time web developer, and the owner of Premier MicroSolutions, LLC, an Internet marketing company based in Ohio. When you want to submit your articles, visit - The Premier Web Site Content Article Directory

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