Online Marketing Matrix

Written by Jeff Beale

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Targeted traffic marketing is an additional online marketing tool with two main applications. The first involvesrepparttar purchase of a demographic defined list. Such a list will contain individuals that fit a specified demographic to whom you have permission to send information freely either through an e-mail campaign or a sales call. The second form of targeted traffic entailsrepparttar 145687 purchase a specified number of unique visitors to your site who fit a demographic. This is a mass marketing or shotgun approach. Using either approach requires a skilled implementation of marketing content or your conversion ratio will be low, meaning you’ll be wasting money.

The most criticized but still effective form of online marketing is e-mail marketing. Too many marketers utilized this method improperly by imposing upon individuals who had no interest in their products or services. The answer to marketing effectively using e-mails lies in ensuring you have permission before sending torepparttar 145688 individuals on your list.

A more effective method would be to utilize media marketing in which you write articles, white papers and other content relevant to your industry to be published. Sharing valuable insights and information rather than out-and-out selling helps to validate your company’s expertise as you also acquire free brand exposure.

Finally, marketing effectively online requiresrepparttar 145689 right kind of preparation for your website. Many sites fail in that they generate traffic but they lackrepparttar 145690 kind of relevant content that retainsrepparttar 145691 visitor, educatesrepparttar 145692 prospect, and/or encouragesrepparttar 145693 prospect to take action. Developing content that relays a clear message to your visitors is critical. Copywriting professional Sallie Boyles states, “Lead with your punch line. Be clear. Be concise. Rather than covering each page top-to-bottom with solid content, use windows and links to provide detailed explanations as needed. When people gather research online for an immediate or future purchase, they want ease and efficiency—or they’ll leaverepparttar 145694 site and go elsewhere.”

In developing your next online marketing plan, follow these key steps to success: First, define and research your market. Second, prepare your site for action. Third, position yourself inrepparttar 145695 marketplace utilizing several marketing methods. Fourth, be prepared to follow up and closerepparttar 145696 deal. A world of e-commerce awaits!

About the Author Jeffery Beale, Jazar Dezign Jeffery Beale is an eMarketing specialist and eBusiness consultant working mainly with Small Business Owners and Independent Professionals. Jeff firmly believes that all businesses can succeed if given the proper resources and knowledge.

The Power Of A Story

Written by Lisa Packer

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The conflict isrepparttar problem to be solved. It’srepparttar 145614 reason there is a story to tell. What isrepparttar 145615 need that your product or service fills? A character facing that need is your conflict in a nutshell.

Inrepparttar 145616 climax and resolution, your character’s problem is at it’s worst. Then along comes your product or service and makes it all right again. Your character is happy, and anyone listening will be, too if only they will do business with you.

You can use stories anywhere you use words to market your product or service. They especially make for great radio, television, sales letters and longer print ads. Many companies thrive on a series of radio ads built around one set of characters.

No matterrepparttar 145617 medium, a little story goes a long way.

Lisa Packer, author of "How To Dramatically Increase Your Business... Without A Blockbuster Budget" and "7 Ways To Get A Pay Raise From Your Web Site" is an independent Copywriter and Marketing Consultant. Find out how to get these two reports, plus more helpful articles like the one you just read at Dramatic Copy: Copywriting That Dramatically Increases Your Business.

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