Online Dating Tips

Written by Alexander Black

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Online Dating Tip #4

When you choose to meet your contact do it in a mutually agreed upon public place where there are plenty of people. Advise a friend of where you are going and leave them a contact number. Provide your own transportation, whenrepparttar date is over, leave on your own as well. If you should both agree to go to another location, use your own transportation. Inrepparttar 137262 initial stages this is always a good idea, since it's best to act onrepparttar 137263 side of caution. Your date should be making you feel comfortable withrepparttar 137264 arrangements. Remember,repparttar 137265 venue for your day or night out is a two sided decision, so anything that is being arranged, you must both be happy with it.

Online Dating Tip #5

Remember that common sense and good judgment get you through life on a smoother road. Donít let your dreams and desires override this one attribute we all have. If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Never be forced, tempted, or controlled into any situation where you are not comfortable. Life is for living. Enjoy it to it's fullest, but be safe and smart while you are doing this.

Authored by Alexander Black who is a practiced author and advice columinst, currently working on his second novel which has been commisioned by

The Final Solution to Dating

Written by Steve Sokolowski

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The list of problems goes on. You might be intrigued to hear that whilerepparttar problems seem innumerable, I propose they can all be rectified withrepparttar 136701 simplest of solutions. There's no danger involved, nobody has to lead radical changes, and it doesn't involve an "impossible" fight against biology.

I simply propose for men to stop asking women out.

Not forrepparttar 136702 rest of your life, but for just a short time, say, a month. It's not impossible, and you won't have to do it as much afterrepparttar 136703 month passes. While there are a few (rare) exceptions,repparttar 136704 vast majority of women don't ask out men 50% ofrepparttar 136705 time. Women do haverepparttar 136706 advantage in dating, and it's time to levelrepparttar 136707 playing field. Sure, talk with women as friends, and if someone initiates a conversation with you, then definitely reciprocate. However, letrepparttar 136708 woman ask you out if she's interested, no matter how attractive she is to you.

Some women have never asked anyone out in their lives. It's no wonder why these women continually treat men like they're lower beings. If they had to put up withrepparttar 136709 rejections that most men do allrepparttar 136710 time, I guarantee that they would have more respect for men. Women would no longer put up with moving from guy to guy based on who was interested in her atrepparttar 136711 moment. And spreading gossip about potential romantic interests certainly isn't going to help one's prospects.

People need to realize that humans, for all their ancestry, are not monkeys or horses or rabbits. They're humans, who can think and act for themselves.

Men have so much more capacity inrepparttar 136712 dating arena than constantly looking for sex at all costs, if they would only exercise it. It's time to stop being prisoners to so-called "biology." Women haverepparttar 136713 same urges men do, and they should do halfrepparttar 136714 work, not 10% or 20%.

There are a lot of "seduction communities" onrepparttar 136715 Internet that teach men how to "seduce" women. I don't know of any similar organization that teaches women how to impress men withrepparttar 136716 same fervor.

There's my proposal. I don't think it's hard to implement. Imagine if allrepparttar 136717 men even at one corporation or university decided to ban together. Laziness won't be a problem, becausenobody even has to do anything. It's time to change our distorted culture. All I'm suggesting is to promote equality. Is that such a bad thing?

Women in today's world have a huge advantage in the dating arena. As a result of outdated stereotypes, many women have never asked a man out in their entire lives, and those that have usually have too many men falling all over them. For men, the situation means rejections, sometimes rude rejections. The solution, however, is far simpler than you might think.

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