Online Consumers Ė What Are They Complaining About?

Written by Halstatt Pires

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The Bait: Make money throughrepparttar products and services you sell as well as those sold byrepparttar 149631 people you recruit intorepparttar 149632 program.

The Switch: Consumers say that they've bought into plans and programs, but their customers are other distributors, notrepparttar 149633 general public. Some multi-level marketing programs are actually illegal pyramid schemes. When products or services are sold only to distributors like yourself, there's no way to make money.

Travel and Vacation

The Bait: Get a luxurious trip with lots of "extras" at a bargain-basement price.

The Switch: Consumers say some companies deliver lower-quality accommodations and services than they've advertised or no trip at all. Others have been hit with hidden charges or additional requirements after they've paid.

Business Opportunities

The Bait: Be your own boss and earn big bucks.

The Switch: Taken in by promises about potential earnings, many consumers have invested in a "biz op" that turned out to be a "biz flop." There was no evidence to back uprepparttar 149634 earnings claims.


The Bait: Make an initial investment in a day trading system or service and you'll quickly realize huge returns.

The Switch: Big profits always mean big risk. Consumers have lost money to programs that claim to be able to predictrepparttar 149635 market with 100 percent accuracy.

Health Care Products/Services

The Bait: Items not sold through traditional suppliers are "proven" to cure serious and even fatal health problems.

The Switch: Claims for "miracle" products and treatments convince consumers that their health problems can be cured. But people with serious illnesses who put their hopes in these offers might delay gettingrepparttar 149636 health care they need.

A Problem For Your Site?

These issues must be addressed if your site falls in one of these categories. Simply raiserepparttar 149637 issue in a prominent area ofrepparttar 149638 site and tellrepparttar 149639 prospect why it will not be a problem on your site. Failure to do so will result in lost sales.

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Increasing The Perceived Value of Your Product or Service

Written by Halstatt Pires

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Donít worry about charging too much for your service or product. You can always lowerrepparttar price to ascertainrepparttar 149630 best figure for converting clients. It is much more difficult to raiserepparttar 149631 price for current clients.

Consider offering a free trial or consultation. This increasesrepparttar 149632 perceived value ofrepparttar 149633 service or product. Prospects will view you as credible because you would not give something away if it didnít work.

If you know your stuff, you should be writing and publishing articles onrepparttar 149634 Internet. Unlike an advertisement, articles build an incredible level of credibility for authors and sites. If sites are willing to publish your articles, you must really know your area of expertise, right? You prospects will think so.

Include as many testimonials on your site as possible. The comments of previous purchasers will raise your credibility.

Give people a strong guarantee. For instance, most profitable e-books sites offer an unconditional 365-day refund policy. Yes,repparttar 149635 customer has a full 365 days to ask for a refund. Will some people take advantage of this? Yes, but who cares? An e-book site requires little overhead, sorepparttar 149636 refunds are not adding much cost to your business compared torepparttar 149637 increased sales you will get because ofrepparttar 149638 guarantee.

Donít kill your business by lowering your prices. If you are offering quality, charge accordingly and provide proof of your credibility.

Halstatt Pires is with an Internet marketing and advertising company. To read more marketing articles, visit

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