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Written by Amba Dubois

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2. Where do I want to learn? Historically, deciding where you wanted to learn was of importance because that meant you would have to go there and live: at least duringrepparttar time you undertookrepparttar 142777 course. In most cases this would mean having to leave family and childhood friends, or choosing to study inrepparttar 142778 area you grew up in. One ofrepparttar 142779 benefit of an online degree program is that this no longer becomes an important factor. As it goes without staying that by studying an online bachelor degree, you can be physically located anywhere whilst studying somewhere else! Researchingrepparttar 142780 institution you want to study at, andrepparttar 142781 courses they provide, therefore becomes very important. 3. Am I disciplined enough? This last question is probably going to be one ofrepparttar 142782 most important you'll need to honestly ask yourself. You see, with on-campus education you have teachers to chase you if you are falling behind schedule. However, with an online bachelor degree program, your study period and method is much more in your own-hands. Thus, findingrepparttar 142783 time to study, and being disciplined enough to sit-down and study during this period, is vital if you want to succeed. Otherwise, learning inrepparttar 142784 more traditional methods may be more beneficial to you.

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New SAT Math Prep Site Focuses on Mastery

Written by Ron Scott

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Asrepparttar individual student works through XLMath,repparttar 142718 site’s server not only keeps track of scores andrepparttar 142719 percent of problems answered correctly, it keeps track ofrepparttar 142720 time spent solving each problem so each student can concentrate on those concepts posingrepparttar 142721 greatest difficulty. Once students have identified and overcome conceptual problem areas, they can put their skills to test in real time, taking a number of simulated 25 minute, 20-question exams that simulate testing time constraints.

The company offers three affordable programs. The cram course, designed for students who are looking for an interactive tool they can use to reinforce what they already know, costs $29.95 and lasts for 30 days. The mathematically challenged can take advantage of two extended programs at slightly higher cost. An additional $10 extendsrepparttar 142722 “drill and kill” program to three months;repparttar 142723 All-Star program for $49.95 provides user access for nine months.

Parents interested in enrolling their children inrepparttar 142724 company’s program are encouraged to visitrepparttar 142725 XLMath’s web site to give it a test drive. Those interested in making direct inquiries can email XLMath’s administration team usingrepparttar 142726 hyperlink found inrepparttar 142727 right hand column or call (310) 500-2234.

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