Oneness and Diversity

Written by John Cali

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“So let us begin this discussion today with that premise, and that promise. We promise you this: You are far grander and more powerful than you have ever imagined.

“We like to userepparttar term ‘All That Is.’ There are many other, perfectly acceptable, terms you may prefer to use. For example, God, Goddess, Great Spirit, Christ, Allah, Jehovah, and so on. All these terms represent that universal energy that permeates and empowers and energizes all creation, all that is.

“So, within this vast Universe you have a vast diversity. As John said . . . every snowflake is unique, diverse. And yet all are snowflakes, one. So there is no contradiction between diversity and oneness. They exist side-by-side and in perfect harmony. We would like to see you humans dorepparttar 122235 same. And you will, sooner or later.

“The oneness we speak of encompasses vast diversities. The beauty ofrepparttar 122236 oneness is that it can encompass such vast diversities without any individual qualities being lost inrepparttar 122237 crowd, if you will. And that in no way diminishesrepparttar 122238 oneness, but rather enhances it.

“Part ofrepparttar 122239 diversity is that all of you in human form exist simultaneously in spirit form. Linear time does not exist inrepparttar 122240 realms of spirit. So you are, at one andrepparttar 122241 same ‘time,’ physical and nonphysical. It has always been so, and always will be. It isrepparttar 122242 wayrepparttar 122243 Universe is established.

“Now, given that, it is to be expected that some individuals (physical and/or nonphysical) will be able to access more or less ofrepparttar 122244 oneness of All That Is than others. It all depends on where, in his or her evolution and growth,repparttar 122245 human or spirit is.

“There is no judgement here, no higher or lower, no superior or inferior. It’s purely a matter of where each being is in her/his growth cycle. And it’s always a never-ending cycle, whetherrepparttar 122246 being is focused primarily inrepparttar 122247 physical or nonphysical.

“So some of you (and by ‘you’ we mean humans and spirits alike) are able to access greater levels of awareness and energies than others.

“Let us put this into more concrete terms.

“When John first started communicating withrepparttar 122248 entity called Chief Joseph many years ago, he (John) was a real novice at this sort of thing. And he was often nervous and tense when asked to channel Chief Joseph.

“But as John became more comfortable in his own abilities and inrepparttar 122249 abilities of his spirit guides, his powers of communication (or channeling, if you prefer) became greater. And he was able to reach into, if you will,repparttar 122250 higher aspects of this entity you and he have known as Chief Joseph. John was able to reach into what you might callrepparttar 122251 Joseph soul group. A group of spirits that comprises a very highly evolved and powerful family of teachers.

“And now, today, he has indeed become a point of focus, for this evolved group. A group which certainly includesrepparttar 122252 wise being you know as Chief Joseph, but also other beings.

“So within this group we have a vast diversity and, atrepparttar 122253 same time, a unity and oneness of purpose. The energies,repparttar 122254 vibrations of each part of this group are harmonious with allrepparttar 122255 other parts.

“And so you haverepparttar 122256 diversities blending intorepparttar 122257 oneness. And then that oneness brings forthrepparttar 122258 teachings (reminders, really) to lead each of you in human form back torepparttar 122259 remembering of who you truly are, gods and goddesses all.

“All is diverse, all is one, and all is All That Is. So walk confidently onrepparttar 122260 earthly paths you have chosen. And know all is well. You are loved and appreciated far more than you know.”

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Since 1992, John Cali has been communicating with a spirit called Joseph. In one of his many physical lifetimes, this spirit was incarnated as the legendary Chief Joseph of the Nez Perce tribe in what is now Oregon.

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New Moon in Scorpio Brings Transformations

Written by Ronni Lynn

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Learning "Self-Mastery"

Take a moment now to ask yourself this question. Is there a chronic pattern or problem in my life? Is there someway that people tend to respond to you that you dislike? Under Scorpio's influence you can begin to discoverrepparttar root cause of some of your difficulties with others. Let's take an everyday example that many of us are familiar with-repparttar 122234 "harried motorist". This person, who is actually a very nice person, is very tense all day long and it usually starts on his daily commute to work. Other drivers onrepparttar 122235 road seem extremely slow and inconsiderate. He can't handlerepparttar 122236 way they drive, and he is always on their tail trying to make them go faster as well as blowing his horn at them when they fail to move asrepparttar 122237 light turns green. This gets his adrenaline going even more. He gets into frequent fender-benders and close calls all of which further set his nerves on edge. He has gotten a few traffic tickets fromrepparttar 122238 police who were also just "out to get him". At least, that'srepparttar 122239 way he sees it. It seems, from his point of view, that people just can't drive. Byrepparttar 122240 time he gets to work he is an irritable mess. He could go on like this forrepparttar 122241 rest of his life blaming others and ruiningrepparttar 122242 quality of his life with all of this unnecessary tension. Or- he could begin to take control of this chronic situation by discovering how he contributes to it, and taking control of himself. He could start to see that maybe if he slowed down while driving that he would get fewer tickets and have less fender-benders. Other drivers would make him less impatient and angry. This whole mess of his could probably be solved by just leaving his house 10 minutes earlier so that he is not in a mad rush to get to work on time.

One Little Change Can Change Your Whole Life

This is a simple illustration of self-mastery. One little change like this can change your whole life. Considerrepparttar 122243 alternative. Our motorist can decide to blamerepparttar 122244 rest ofrepparttar 122245 world for his problem- after all, there's just too many cars onrepparttar 122246 road,repparttar 122247 police are just trying to meet their quotas, and most people really can't drive. It's actually very easy to justify any behavior of ours. It's a natural defense mechanism and we all do it. Perpetuating his problem this way and not heedingrepparttar 122248 call to change himself can lead to job burn-out (he's always feeling so stressed), poor health, (due to stress), and even a catastrophic automotive accident. By this illustration you can see how resisting needed change within yourself is actually much harder inrepparttar 122249 long-run on you than making that change before a crisis sets in. What's often needed is just to stop blaming others and taking control of yourself.

The Beginnings of Emotional Maturity

Going a little further with this idea we can begin to explore intimacy with others, as deeper relationships are also ruled by Scorpio. When we learn self-control it signalsrepparttar 122250 beginnings of emotional maturity and opens up a way to get closer to other people. When we stop blaming others for our problems, emotional intimacy becomes possible. The sign of Libra startedrepparttar 122251 process of seeing each relationship as a two-way street. Scorpio's influence further strengthensrepparttar 122252 bonds between two people through increased intimacy and trust. This isrepparttar 122253 ideal time to make an intention to find your true soul mate. It is a wonderful time to make a lasting commitment to that special person who you can be your authentic, deeper self with.

Depth Can Help Manifest Change

Scorpio rules depth. This is a good time to embark in a course of study. You will learnrepparttar 122254 material in depth in a way that will manifest needed change or healing in your life. It is a good time to explore health issues, or to try to understand your own psychological problems or "blind spots" in a deeper way, perhaps seekingrepparttar 122255 help of a competent professional or holistic practitioner.

It is my wish that we all find one aspect of ourselves or our lives that we can change in a positive direction. Exploring new territory within ourselves requires strength and even courage. In this way, starting with ourselves, we can start to healrepparttar 122256 entire planet.

The next new moon will be inrepparttar 122257 sign of Sagittarius on December 11, 2004 at 8:30 pm eastern standard time. Check back with me then, or a few days before for more New Moon Reflections.

Deepest Blessings.

Ronni Lynn has been studying and practicing astrology for over 30 years. She is interested in the psychological and spiritual effects that planetary influences have on us. Her web site Zodiac Artfeatures 25 designs for "Artistic Astrological Charts", unique gifts, birth announcements, and greeting card designs for each sign of the zodiac.

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