One Woman’s Story of How Her Smile Increased Her Confidence

Written by Kathleen Gage

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When Teresa decided to invest in her smile makeover, Dr. Kiser showed her how to make it possible. He helped her to figure outrepparttar best way to move forward and help her fulfill her dream. Not only did Dr. Kiser address all of Teresa’s questions and concerns about her dental care, he showed her that with a good plan, her dream of a beautiful smile was well within reach.

As with many accomplishments in Teresa’s life, she had to develop a plan of action to determine how to afford what she wanted. One ofrepparttar 125399 first things she did was to prioritize. First, she determined where she could cut spending. Secondly, she participated inrepparttar 125400 Wells Fargo Healthcare Spending Account. The program allows for having a portion of one’s paycheck put aside for various healthcare costs. Depending onrepparttar 125401 program,repparttar 125402 monies can be used for vision, medical and/or dental fees. These programs allow you to set aside a specific pretax dollar amount to be used for unreimbursed healthcare expenses. Many employers now offer healthcare spending programs in their employee benefit packages.

“If someone thinks they can’t afford it they need to ask themselves if they really can afford not to do it. It can change someone’s life in ways they never dreamed possible,” beams Teresa. “There are always ways to figure out how to afford something if it becomes a great enough priority.”

Teresa will berepparttar 125403 first to tell you that once she maderepparttar 125404 decision to move forward, things seemed to magically fall into place. She will also tell anyone who wants to know that her Smile Makeover is one ofrepparttar 125405 best investments she ever made.

As she suspected, once she had an improved smile, her confidence rose incredibly. She found she was more willing to smile when talking to people and any insecurity she had about what people thought of her smile completely disappeared. She also found her confidence when speaking to groups greatly increased.

Teresa has been so pleased with her results she always refers people to Dr. Kiser. Many of Teresa and Tom Bock’s friends are patients of Dr. Kiser.

Although she didn’t always realizerepparttar 125406 importance of a great dental care provider, today she will berepparttar 125407 first to admit you have to find someone you can trust. Someone who really cares about their patients and won’t rush through an appointment.

“When I visit Dr. Kiser I feel like I amrepparttar 125408 only person that matters. And when it comes to my dental care, that’srepparttar 125409 way it should be. I didn’t always believe that but today I know I deserve that kind of treatment.”

Teresa also appreciatesrepparttar 125410 commitment and care ofrepparttar 125411 Smiles Dentistry staff. Teresa knows their staff isrepparttar 125412 best around. With state ofrepparttar 125413 art equipment and décor that is extremely pleasing, she knowsrepparttar 125414 investment Dr. Kiser has made to create an atmosphere that will be appreciated by evenrepparttar 125415 most discriminating tastes.

“They really care about each patient. The first encounter one has is with Vicki. Whether they meet Vicki overrepparttar 125416 phone or inrepparttar 125417 front office, it is an incredibly positive experience. Complimented by Vicki’s “can do” attitude is an overall atmosphere that is beyond compare.”

“There are people in my life who never knew me before I had my smile makeover. Shock is oftenrepparttar 125418 response I get when they look at before and after pictures. Just to see their reaction makes me realize how great an investment Dr. Kiser’s work has been. Without a doubt, it is one ofrepparttar 125419 best investments I have ever made. I will reaprepparttar 125420 benefits for years to come. It is such a great feeling when someone will comment on what a beautiful smile I have. I cannot begin to tell you what it has done to improverepparttar 125421 quality of my life.”

“To Dr. Kiser and his entire team, I thank you fromrepparttar 125422 bottom of my heart.”

About Dr. Scott Kiser Dr. Scott Kiser has been practicing general dentistry in Salt Lake City, Utah for over 20 years. Dr. Kiser has used only mercury-free substances in his treatments sincerepparttar 125423 mid 90’s and concentrates his practice inrepparttar 125424 areas of sedation dentistry and complete smile makeovers. Consumer Research Council of American selected him as Utah’s Top Cosmetic Dentist of 2003 – 2004. Visit for your FREE online Great Smiles Newsletter.

Kathleen Gage is a business advisor, keynote speaker and trainer who helps others gain marketing dominance and visibility within their market. She is the recipient of the 2004 Giant Step Award for Business of the Year in the State of Utah. Call 801.619.1514 or email . Get Gage’s online newsletter called Street Smarts Marketing and Promotions by visiting

Top 10 reasons to Find a Date Online

Written by Tyler Casselman

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6. Web Cam and Chat

Some people just want a little show in front of there computer. With a fast connection torepparttar Internet you can have all this and much more. This could be better then going out torepparttar 125398 strippers if this is your type of thing.

7. Single Parents

If your a single parent you will find dating online is much easier. Finding other single parents or people who don't care that you have children makes things ohhhh so easier for you.

8. Its Cheap

Lets face it online dating services aren't really that expensive. They provide you with a bunch of quality services and a great community of people for you to meet. All of this is done at a low cost and can be done from your home.

9. Find People withrepparttar 125399 same Interests

Dating services lets your narrow down your criteria of people to find someone that enjoysrepparttar 125400 same things you do in life.

10. Findrepparttar 125401 love of your life

Yes this may seem obvious but you really could meet someone that you spendrepparttar 125402 rest of your life with.

Tyler Casselman is an online dating expert. He owns the popular site Online Dating Home.

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