One Well-Placed Article Nets 616 Mentions in Google

Written by Lynella Grant

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Your Title isrepparttar Hook forrepparttar 145279 Article

Most readers (skimmers, actually) wonít get pastrepparttar 145280 title. So make it a grabber. Give themrepparttar 145281 reason to keep reading. In this case, itís long (which Iím convinced works best). This title has three sections - which track withrepparttar 145282 body ofrepparttar 145283 article.

Yellow Page Advertisers: Your Calls are Going to Decrease - Hereísrepparttar 145284 Remedy

A. Tells whorepparttar 145285 information is for - Yellow Page Advertisers People can tell whether or not it applies to them. I increasingly write audience-specific articles and address them (consultants, speakers) inrepparttar 145286 title, rather than writing forrepparttar 145287 less-focused "everyone in business."

B. Statesrepparttar 145288 problem - Your Calls are Going to Decrease It backs uprepparttar 145289 claim with a bulleted list stating why

C. Tells thereís a remedy forrepparttar 145290 problem - if they just keep reading The article provides a 4-step list stating how to get ready and protected

Thatís a lot to accomplish in 750 words - read it yourself at: Sincerepparttar 145291 website itself provides visitors helpful free resources, it neednít all be included inrepparttar 145292 article itself. Interested readers can explore further at Besides, Iíve sent a barrage of related articles, which further build on each other.

Build Your Professional Reputation

616 mentions in Google is an impressive yield for a single article. Admittedly, not all cites provide live links or appear on high Page Rank sites - but some do. (And there are duplicates in that number.) But givenrepparttar 145293 amount of my effort involved, Iím well repaid.

Now, think past any single article, torepparttar 145294 impact that niche-specific articles can have on your professional standing. Let me prove it. Search Google for "Yellow Page ads" (in quotes). Whenrepparttar 145295 query results show 38 million pages, enter "Lynella Grant" inrepparttar 145296 Search within Results box. The outcome: 5,000 pages related to Yellow Page ads refer to me. Thatís a ripple inrepparttar 145297 Internet universe, but certainly positions me for other activities in that arena.

Donít you think you or your website can profit from similar online visibility? Writing articles isrepparttar 145298 way to go.

--Dr. Lynella Grant Consultant and Author - Promote yourself, business, website, or book with online articles Free how-to. Or let me write and submit your articles online for you. No learning curves (719)395-9450

How To Choose The Best Web Host...For You

Written by Anthony Vita

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Okay, enough talk about cars, let's talk hosting. When you are looking for a company to providerepparttar service of web hosting, try placing price aside for a moment. First, look for a company that has been in businesss for a number of years. Any host that has been around for over 5 years is probably doing something right. That's not to say a host of 2 years can't help you, but at least begin your search withrepparttar 145278 most experienced.

After you've found a few candidates, write down about 10 questions you would like to ask your future host. Even if you knowrepparttar 145279 answers to some questions, that's okay. The reason forrepparttar 145280 questions is to see how long it takes to get answers andrepparttar 145281 quality of those answers. If you don't like what you see, scratch them off your list because that is exactlyrepparttar 145282 type of response you will get when a support issue arises.

Try to getrepparttar 145283 web addresses of 4 or 5 sites they host and visit over a period of a week or so and see if you notice any downtime or blatant sluggishness. You may even want to emailrepparttar 145284 owners of these sites and ask what they think of their host.

This may seem like alot of work just to decide on a host for your website. It's certainly more involved than simply looking forrepparttar 145285 cheapest price. When you only look at price you overlook some essential factors, such as experience and reliability. If your website is important to you or your business, you will come to rely on that experience which translates into quality service.

Anthony Vita has been helping businesses and individuals get an online presence ever since starting his own successful web hosting business, Web Feat, Inc., in 1997. Contact him at

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