One Way to Solve Memory Problems with your Computer

Written by Robin Nobles

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Now that we've had our mini lesson in RAM, I've found a really neat and inexpensive software program that helps solve your RAM memory problems: MemTurbo II. It will scour your system for memory leaks, or memory that wasn't released when a software program was shut down.

It operates inrepparttar background to where you don't even know it's there. You'll just see a little green "bar" that indicatesrepparttar 107880 amount of available RAM on your system at that time. Every 15 minutes,repparttar 107881 program automatically recovers RAM, or whenever your RAM gets below a certain level.

You can even do a "deep scrub" that will find RAM that may not be picked up through a regular recover. I just performed a deep scrub on my system, and it recovered 64 MB of RAM.

MemTurbo II only costs $19.95, which is a bargain for what this little program does. You can even download a trial version ofrepparttar 107882 program and use it free for 30 days.

For me, MemTurbo is a "must have" program, because it helps my computer operate more efficiently and saves me a lot of headaches (and sanity). Visitrepparttar 107883 MemTurbo site for more information:

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How To Deal With Computer Problems

Written by Fred Renoudet

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Click "Explore", inrepparttar left window look inrepparttar 107879 "Windows" tree (click if there is a + before Windows). Look for "Start Menu" (click if necessary to expandrepparttar 107880 tree). Look under "Programs" - you should see "StartUp". Click it.

Inrepparttar 107881 right window is what is in your group. You can highlight and press "Delete" on your keyboard to get rid of what you don't need. All this is going to your recycle bin in case you change your mind. Unfortunately, when you reboot you will probably see a lot ofrepparttar 107882 same junk you deleted back inrepparttar 107883 lower right corner.

This isrepparttar 107884 case with programs such as Real Audio, Printer programs and virus programs. To stop them from starting you usually have to openrepparttar 107885 individual program and look around. Nine out of ten times you can find a box checked underrepparttar 107886 options in that program.

Also in Windows 98, you can clickrepparttar 107887 "Start" button, select "Run" and type "msconfig". A window will pop up withrepparttar 107888 upper right tab will be labeled "Startup". There will be programs listed in there with check boxes.

These arerepparttar 107889 programs that automatically start when you start your computer. I had 29 programs listed with check marks. I did not have 29 icons onrepparttar 107890 bottom right of my task bar. I only had 5.

If you recognize a program, you can remove it from automatically starting by removingrepparttar 107891 check mark and selecting "Apply". You will be asked to restart your computer. If you should change your mind,repparttar 107892 programs will still be on your hard drive. To be onrepparttar 107893 safe side - check with your computer manufacturer.

Step 3: Have a glass of wine, beer or whatever - Delete your Temporary Internet files. In Internet Explorer atrepparttar 107894 top under "View", select "Internet Options"; select "Delete Temporary Files" (your cookies won't be affected). Close IE.

Left clickrepparttar 107895 "Start" button (bottom left of screen), select "Find", "Folders", type "*.TMP", choose "Find Now". You can delete anything in your TMP list that pops up. Windows won't let you delete anything that it needs to run. Reboot - If everything is running fine, empty your "Recycle Bin".

Step 4: Have a glass of wine, beer or whatever - Double click "My Computer" (if you can still find it), right click your "C" drive, left click "Properties", Select "Tools",. Perform a thorough "Scan Disk" - (depending onrepparttar 107896 size of your hard drive this could take a while) - make sure "Automatically" fix error" is checked.

Go get something to eat - (you need something to absorbrepparttar 107897 alcohol - don't drive!).

After this has finished - again under "Tools" - select "Defrag". Do a "Thorough" if you haven't defragged in a while. This will definitely take a long time. I suggest you do it before you go to bed - (you'll need to afterrepparttar 107898 wine anyway).

Running "Defrag" groups all your data on your computer and helps programs run smoother. If you are inrepparttar 107899 habit of installing and deleting a lot of programs your data will look like a half-empty football stadium with people scattered. One member of your family is onrepparttar 107900 West Side, one onrepparttar 107901 East Side and one inrepparttar 107902 End Zone.

Defragging will grouprepparttar 107903 family together - ifrepparttar 107904 mother-in-law is there, that may not be such a good idea. I'm rambling again. You're probably wondering if there is a caboose to my train of thought. Oh well, if this helps one person - it was worth it.

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