One Way Linking Campaigns II

Written by Vikas Malhotra

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All this is effective when you are creating content or giving something free or reviewing someone elsesí offering. However there are ways to create one way links which are different thanrepparttar abovementioned strategies. This entails leaving your footsteps where ever you go. In simpler terms keep your signature file ready( with a hyperlink) & then post it wherever possible.

Whenever you visit a site, write a comment inrepparttar 105621 guest book with your signature file.

Post messages onrepparttar 105622 forums or some chat rooms relating to your topic with hyperlink built in ( check which forums allow that).

Post messages inrepparttar 105623 usenet newsgroups with hyperlink. For selectingrepparttar 105624 right newsgroup to send a message you can search with your prime keyword on google groups.

Always remember to have your signature file in your email.

Another way of creating one way incoming links into your site is by either starting an online award category or by participating in an award category.

If you are an award giverrepparttar 105625 recipient will place your gif file(with hyperlink in it) on his site. If you win an award you will link torepparttar 105626 award site & they in turn generally link to you.

Another play is to book additional space/ additional url on any other server & create a small site on it(related to your topic area with some unique content) & link it torepparttar 105627 original site. A variation of this is to create a blog ( search SE for blog ) or start here .

Link this blog to your web site.

Another long winding however effective way to create incoming links is to host affiliate programs or launch banner exchange programs or launch a web ring program from your site. People who will sign up will have links pointing to your site from theirs. However this approach does take time & efforts to bear fruit.

In almost all these variations one ofrepparttar 105628 most important parameters you can control isrepparttar 105629 anchor text.

These are just some ofrepparttar 105630 methods that you can undertake profitably.

Once you are done with your one way linking campaign, its time to start with reciprocal linking campaigns

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One Way Linking Campaign- I

Written by Vikas Malhotra

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Getrepparttar directory listings first. There are numerous directories( Dmoz, Yahoo, Zeal) etc which one can submit a site to. With some one like dmoz you can aspire for more than one incoming link as well. You can try some ofrepparttar 105620 paid options of URL inclusion if your budget permits it (, etc) Then there are multiple, regional & topical directories which one can look for & getrepparttar 105621 site submitted to. Then of course there are some portals which are hubs forrepparttar 105622 theme that your web site is on. Find them & submit to them( a great way to look for them is to go to Teoma & give your key search term in their search box .Onrepparttar 105623 results page look atrepparttar 105624 resources sections. The hubs of your theme or domain area will be listed in there)

Once you have found & listed into these directories, hubs, portals etc what do you do. Takerepparttar 105625 next step for creating one way links.

That is becomerepparttar 105626 internet guru on your subject matter. To get yourself to that status write articles & columns on your subject matter of expertise. These articles should be genuine content which adds value torepparttar 105627 reader & are not just under cover publicity campaigns for your product or service. Once these articles are created include your bio ( obviously with your hyperlink into it- this is great place to control your anchor text so be judicious ) & submit that article to various online resources & content providers.

To find a listing of those do an online search forrepparttar 105628 keyword Article banks.(repparttar 105629 most cited resource for this is Choose you targets & start to submit articles.(Donít forget to host that content on your site as well). This is generally what people will link to.

Another place to contribute these articles is torepparttar 105630 sites which are ranking ahead of you on your key search phrase. Most probably they will also have quality content on their site. So if you have genuine content, they will welcome your contribution.

I'm an eBiz consultant and owner of Mosaic Services- an SEO Company. I regularly write and submit articles on various SE specific topics.

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