One Step At a Time

Written by Dennis Eppestine

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I think every one of us probably thought that atrepparttar beginning. It's so easy to fall for it, because it's what we want to believe anyway. Then reality sets in, and so many people quit, just atrepparttar 101986 time when they could start making some money.

You're serious about your business or you're not. And if it's just a game to you, or a fad, then of course - you're going to fail! But after your dreams of instant wealth have died a long slow death, then step back, take stock, and startrepparttar 101987 long uphill battle to knowledge and you WILL become a success!

So maybe it doesn't happen overnight. So what? I can honestly say that I've never enjoyed a job more. It doesn't even feel like a job. How lucky we are to be doing something we enjoy so much, learning new things daily, and sometimes even making some money at it!

So take it one step at a time, and success will be yours!

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Focus on Your Achievements

Written by Wendy Hearn

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I suggest that you create for yourself an achievement journal. In this, you write each day about allrepparttar things you've achieved. Grabrepparttar 101985 opportunity to say "well done" to yourself. The journal may be a pleasant notebook or a document on your computer where you cut and paste items completed from your schedule - or even a loose piece of paper. You can either list them all or choose three. I really encourage you to make time each day to list your achievements. You're worth it.

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