One Single Secret to Goal Setting Success

Written by Yuliya Muravey

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The key force that drives you towards your goal is a thorough and detailed description of everything you want. You can go into details and particularize allrepparttar slightest minutiae. But atrepparttar 148096 same time your description should be per se. You should draw a clear – cut picture of your goal rather than vague and indistinct image of what you want to achieve. Be unwavering to decide what exactly you want to attain.

Accompany your written goals with visual pictures. Visualize each goal of yours. Close your eyes and imagine a car you want to buy. Get on this car, feelrepparttar 148097 softness ofrepparttar 148098 new seats,repparttar 148099 smell ofrepparttar 148100 leather inrepparttar 148101 passengers compartment. Let your imagination draw a vivid picture of your goal and embellish it with bright details. Don’t neglect this method. Remember thatrepparttar 148102 visualization of your goals keeps your motivation up and stimulates your desire to reach your goals.

An effective goal setting system can’t go without frequent review of your goals. The revision of your goals will help your analyze them more thoroughly and, perhaps, to revamp them slightly. Be flexible and have courage to change your goals. To change your goal doesn’t mean a failure, it is a victory as you have realized in time that something was different.

Keep in mind thatrepparttar 148103 more concentrated you are on your goalsrepparttar 148104 more likely you are to achieve them. Let’s take Brian Tracy, one ofrepparttar 148105 most successful and productive people, for instance. He began his way as an apprentice onrepparttar 148106 ocean – going ship. Only his perseverance and discipline helped him develop an effective goal setting system, which led him to success in life. Now he is one ofrepparttar 148107 most high – paid and successful businessman.

“Discipline isrepparttar 148108 bridge between your goals and their accomplishment.” You can composerepparttar 148109 whole Declaration of your life goals. This document will come into force only when you write down all your goals. It’ll be confirmed by you andrepparttar 148110 control for its accomplishment will lie on your conscious. From this moment you and nobody else takerepparttar 148111 responsibility for your life.

Try this success strategy of writing down your goals and be sure that it won’t let you down. Remember a saying: “If you don’t have a target,repparttar 148112 arrow will hit nothing.”

Yuliya Muravey is a self-employed entrepreneur and co-owner of the She believes passionately in the enormous power of the goal setting and its impact on the short-term and long-term success in life. For more information, please go to:

Everyday is a Gift, Open and Enjoy It.

Written by Barbara White

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Afterrepparttar funeral, Ruth began to evaluate her life from a different perspective. She began to see life as something to be enjoyed not endured. Ruth started to make changes, although small at first, for Ruth they had great significance. She sat inrepparttar 148052 garden more and didn’t worry aboutrepparttar 148053 weeds. She wore expensive perfume on ordinary days, after all co workers and cashiers have noses that function just as well as party goers! She lit that candle that had been sitting as a centre piece onrepparttar 148054 dining room table collecting dust. She got that cracked window fixed, that she’d been meaning to do for years. She invited those friends round for dinner that she’d seen atrepparttar 148055 last sixteen weddings, and said we must get together. Ruth determined that she would live each day as if it was her last. Now every morning when Ruth opens her eyes, she tells herself that this day is special. Every day, every breath, every minute of her life is truly a gift from God. Your life perspective changes when you start living each day as if it was your last. You start to look at allrepparttar 148056 things that you want to accomplish in life and actually get started!! You stop watching everyone else doing it. Haverepparttar 148057 courage to start thinking “It’s my turn now” and do what is in your heart. Grandma Moses began a painting career at age seventy six. Golda Meir was elected Prime Minister of Israel in 1969 at age seventy one. I recently met a lady in her eighties who, inrepparttar 148058 last two years, had been white-water rafting, and hiking inrepparttar 148059 Himalayas. She was excitedly planning her next trip! Don’t wait years, or until something traumatic happens to get your attention. Start now to reflect on your life’s perspective and begin living without regrets.

I love this quote by Peter Sage, speaker and entrepreneur :

Life is not a journey torepparttar 148060 grave withrepparttar 148061 intention of arriving safely in a pretty and well preserved body, but rather to skid in sideways, thoroughly used up, totally worn out, and loudly proclaiming, "Wow - What a Ride!"

Barbara White, President of Beyond Better Development, speaks and writes with passion and insight. Sign up for the complimentary “Growing Beyond Better Newsletter” at For more of Barbara’s writing and insights visit her Blogs. http://www.heartafterjesus.blogspot.com

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