One Minute Meditation

Written by Steve Gillman

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Is Meditation This Easy?

You're not likey to get you into a deep meditative state with this simple exercise. You will get benefits, though. These will almost certainly include a clearer mind and a reduction in stress.

Try to develope a "trigger" for your meditation. You can do your four breaths when you get intorepparttar car, for example, or right after lunch each day. A trigger is a place or time that reminds you, so your meditation becomes a habit.

Some may say this isn't "real" meditation, but there's nothing wrong with enjoyingrepparttar 139552 relaxation you'll get from this technique. You can always pursue deeper meditation later, if you wish. Inrepparttar 139553 meantime, remember that not everything has to be difficult to be of value. Why not do an easy one-minute meditation right now?

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Personal Improvement - A Broad Perspective

Written by Jem Bacchus

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Because it is inanimate, it has no life; therefore, it cannot have emotions. Who becomes emotional? You, of course! Those things affect you personally. If I sent you a personal letter, it may not have anything to do with your physical self, but it may have to do with your finances; therefore it is indeed personal; it does not affect your body, but it certainly could affect your mind positively or negatively. I guess that by now you have got repparttar point. No? Take a look at science and technology. Would you classify them under personal improvement? Maybe not. Now, think about it: Nothing can be accomplished by man without human involvement - hence, personal involvement. The inception and continuance of every venture is totally dependent uponrepparttar 139551 talent and ability of people. Even after being put into operation, technology cannot be fully functional without people and it is all forrepparttar 139552 benefit ofrepparttar 139553 humana race. God has given mankind dominion over everything inrepparttar 139554 world, so as long as we have life, everything in this world affects us directly or indirectly in some small or great way for good (or evil because of sin). Needless to say that from creation, people have been involved in every facet of life irrespective of what category. The increase in knowledge throughoutrepparttar 139555 ages has always been forrepparttar 139556 advancement and benefit of mankind. Human resource or workforce is a key ingredient forrepparttar 139557 progress and advancement of any business. There could be no human resources without personal involvement. Who have benefited from allrepparttar 139558 innovations throughoutrepparttar 139559 ages? Must I elaborate? I really do not think it is necessary. An employer takes into consideration, certain characters of repparttar 139560 employee - habits, capabilities, ethics, experience, education, skill, potential (as far asrepparttar 139561 advancement of repparttar 139562 employer's business is concerned). The employer is interested in whatrepparttar 139563 employee can contribute torepparttar 139564 promotion ofrepparttar 139565 business and for his (the employer's) improvement. Why do you think that an employer likes to engage someone with a good skill, education and learning? Equipment and technology cannot raiserepparttar 139566 standard of an organization unless there is human involvement. Who getsrepparttar 139567 reward fromrepparttar 139568 profit of a business? Is itrepparttar 139569 business or its owner? We all know that a business cannot spend money; so when it is said thatrepparttar 139570 profit belongs to repparttar 139571 business (What a 'laff'!), that is only a front! When that business makes a profit or loss, a human being is either happy or sad. Anything that you are involved with, be it your vehicle or your job, as long as you can gain some sort of benefit, it enhances your life. Yes, you can achieve personal improvement from your possessions and involvement. Perhaps I am alone in my thinking on this subject, but I maintain that anything (yes, anything!) that brings you benefit from a good source, enhances your life and contributes to your personal improvement. Go ahead, work towards your personal improvement and enjoy life! Just my opinion. Jem Bacchus

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