One Ebook Equals 400 links

Written by Stephan Miller

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Even another way is to create actual software. It's easy. Go to a free javascript directory, copyrepparttar javascript and create your ebook. Some ebook compilers will run javascript. 2.Create an installation package This is not necessary, but it helps a lot. You may be looking to create links to your site, but after all, aren't you doing this to get more visitors inrepparttar 128271 long run. Why not let everyone who downloads your ebook remember your site? Most free ebooks get buried in a person's computer by hundreds of free ebooks downloaded inrepparttar 128272 last year or so. Make sure this doesn't happen to you by installing your ebook on their computer. It's not hard. You can find installation software on most shareware sites. What this software basically does is create a link to your ebook on their desktop and in their start menu. You can also add a link to your site in your ebook's start menu folder. 3. Learn about PAD A PAD file is an XML file that contains allrepparttar 128273 info on your software ( or ebook). You create it one time and then submitting your software to shareware and freeware sites is simple. Most sites have a form that says "Submit Pad." You just putrepparttar 128274 link to your PAD file inrepparttar 128275 box and click "Submit" The site will load all of your info automatically. You may have to choose a category for your software, but that's about it. Free PAD creation software is available at most shareware sites. 4. Start submitting Do a search on Google for "Submit PAD" or "Submit PAD file." It's as easy as that. If you want to, download a software submission program. The advantages to a program like this is that is will store your info and submit to sites that don't accept PAD files. Also some sites require you to set up an account, free, of course. This software will automatically log you in and remember your username and password. They are also fast. I submitted one ebook to over 400 sites in less than a week. You too can take an active part in your link popularity, instead of begging for links, you can easily create a free product that will have your visitors coming back for more.

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3 Deadly Search Engine Marketing Sins

Written by John Gergye

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Repeat withrepparttar next 25. Donít stop until you have at least 100 pages of hot content.

Remember, two or three word keyword phrases are usually your best bets. And I really like keyword phrases that are actually several keyword phrases in one. For example "irish setter dog dishes" gives "irish setter", "irish setter dog", "dog", "dog dishes", "setter dog dishes".

===> Site Bloat

Twice this week I was asked to look at sites that would have let me read War and Peace while waiting for them to come up. And no visitor is going to have a copy of that handy.

To avoid losing any precious visitors loserepparttar 128270 huge graphics. One ofrepparttar 128271 sites had a graphic 501K in size! No wonder it took nearly two minutes to load up on a 56K modem.

Then too loserepparttar 128272 Flash - unless you have a very good reason for using it. Even then loserepparttar 128273 Flash.

If youíre wondering how your site's download time measures up test it here:

It wonít cost anything to find out. But a slow loading site can cost you plenty. Because asrepparttar 128274 Net Mechanics follow up reports says, it's a good idea to keep your page load times under about 12 seconds on a 28.8 modem. Otherwise your visitors will be wearing outrepparttar 128275 back button trying to escape.

===> Too Few Links

Did you know links can account for up to 80% of your success with Google? Yet someone else complained to me about how much work it took to get them.

Well doh! Ever think that maybe thatís why (in part) Google assigns so much value to links? Because you canít quite as easily game links as you can on page content? Meaning you actually have to work to get links. Both by having link worthy content and by actively seeking them out on a regular basis.

Itís a given that most niches require you have a healthy collection of links to be competitive. Yet if youíre lucky enough to be in a niche that doesnít, but you do, then you can easily dominate those rankings.

Anyway in a nutshell you can easily avoid these three search engine sins. Do your keyword homework. Keep your pages on a strict diet. And don't forget link up with as many other quality sites as you can.

Do all that and youíre well on your way to search engine success. Ignore this advice and youíre, well you know, your Google goose is probably cooked. Leaving you perpetually stuck in Google purgatory.

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