One Bird the President Didn’t Pardon

Written by Paul Rinehart

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The Big Day

On Thanksgiving morning I preheated my oven, pulledrepparttar bird out of its salt soaked slumber, rinsed it off, and patted it dry. I stuffedrepparttar 150511 bird with stuffing that I had pre-cooked that morning and found a suitable roasting pan. Twenty minutes per pound was what I had heard for roasting a brined turkey and I factored in an additional twenty minutes forrepparttar 150512 stuffing.

I roastedrepparttar 150513 foil-covered turkey at 400F forrepparttar 150514 first three and a half hours, basting it every half hour. In its last hour, I removedrepparttar 150515 foil, turnedrepparttar 150516 heat down to 375F degrees and brushed a honey mustard glaze on it. I let it rest about thirty minutes so thatrepparttar 150517 juices could settle and then it was carving time.

My first reaction was “Wow it slices like butter!” The reaction of my dinner guests said it all—this turkey was different from its grainy, bone dry predecessors—this bird had taste! Safe to say I’m sold on brining.

Paul Rinehart isrepparttar 150518 founder of Online Cooking.

Paul Rinehart is the founder on Online Cooking

Rockfish Bessie

Written by Paul Rinehart

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Place fish in a baking pan and place inrepparttar over. Bake for 30 minutes and then flip it over carefully and bake for another half hour. Ifrepparttar 150510 meat flakes, its ready.

Serve with salsa, rice pilaf, black beans and fried plantains.

Paul Rinehart isrepparttar 150511 founder of Online Cooking

Paul Rinehart is the founder of Online Cooking

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