On the Road Again

Written by Gail Morris

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Just remember that jumping up from your chair each time your toddler/preschooler reaches danger is exhausting!

1.Travel with a child proofing kit: electrical outlet covers, doorknob covers, string to tie cabinets closed andrepparttar number torepparttar 146920 poison control center.

2.Donít open windows or trustrepparttar 146921 safety of screens; they can be pushed out by an assertive toddler.

3.Checkrepparttar 146922 room for hazards, such as lamps that can pulled down, sharp edges on coffee tables, poison plants or throw rugs.

4.Check for small objects left by previous occupants in drawers, cabinets or underrepparttar 146923 nightstands or beds.

5.Takerepparttar 146924 knobs off of stoves and return them when needed.

6.Remove electrical cords that might be hazardous.

7.Remove chemicals from beneathrepparttar 146925 sink inrepparttar 146926 kitchen or bathroom.

Happy travels!

Gail Morris is the mother of four children with an extensive pediatric medical background. Her ideas are time tested and mother approved! If you want more information (printable games, checklists, emergency information, budget travel) or would like her semi-monthly free newsletter, Your Family Resources, visit http://www.YourEzBooks.com.

Exploring Himalayas

Written by Fantababy

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We booked a room in Hotel Beas in Manali. The hotel is located very near torepparttar river Beas. We went insiderepparttar 146896 room forrepparttar 146897 first time. We openedrepparttar 146898 back door and immediately we heard a loud noise ofrepparttar 146899 gushing river. I recommendrepparttar 146900 reader of this blog to bookrepparttar 146901 room in hotel Beas forrepparttar 146902 most enjoyable and comfortable stay.

The next day we went for sight seeing in Manali and also for shopping and we found a park. We played see-saw sacradown. Forrepparttar 146903 next day, we booked for Rohtang Pass. The Rohtang pass is a place connecting Manali and Ladakh. It is always filled with snow throughoutrepparttar 146904 year. We reached Rohtang pass only by 4pm. The journey was delayed due to heavy snow storm. There is one noodle shop which also sells hot tea. We had to hire allrepparttar 146905 necessary woolen jerkins, shoes, gloves, etc. before entering Rohtang pass. We have to pay some amount towards these things.

From Manali we went to Chandigarh. In Chandigarhrepparttar 146906 roads are neat and tidy. There is a rock garden, which is famous. It is said to berepparttar 146907 11th wonder ofrepparttar 146908 world. In Chandigarh, lots of trees are beautifully planted in bothrepparttar 146909 extremes ofrepparttar 146910 road. So Chandigarh is always cool and attractive. The food in Chandigarh was really fantastic. It was a typical Punjabi meal. Rotis with subji, nan and curd atrepparttar 146911 end.

Our next adventurous destination was Mussorie. We did not find any snow in Mussorie. But we found thick fog while we entered Mussorie. In Mussorie, there is a skating field inrepparttar 146912 mall road. There is also a hanging bus which can hold up to 12 members. We also went to company gardens by walk. There is a lake and we went for boating. While returning we couldn't walk so somebody gave lift for us. After quittingrepparttar 146913 vehicle, we ate dosas after a very long hiatus. In Mussorie, juices are prepared without adding sugar, water, masala, etc. But if one needs any of these they will be provided. It is pure and also cheap because they get it fromrepparttar 146914 mountains.

We returned to New Delhi. We were sick ofrepparttar 146915 north Indian Rotis and we became very crazy about south Indian food. We could identify a south Indian hotel named geetha bhavan in New Delhi. They serve nice south Indian food. South Indians living in New Delhi come here often to eat rice and other food. We left New Delhi without seeing Agra (Taj Mahal). We reached Chennai.

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