On the Purpose and Meaning of Life

Written by Peter M.K. Chan

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As a matter of fact, it is not to late to remind everyone ofrepparttar views of Solomon - one ofrepparttar 122265 kings of ancient Israel. He was one ofrepparttar 122266 first to have put his views aboutrepparttar 122267 purpose and meaning of human existence on public record. His dissertation onrepparttar 122268 subject, if you do not know, is titled Ecclesiastics (one ofrepparttar 122269 wisdom books inrepparttar 122270 Old Testament). What was his answer? Well, let me paraphrase it for you. He said that life is actually for nothing at all. And let me assure you that he was not singing sour grapes either. He had a high intellect, political power, financial wherewithal (he taxed his people rather hard for his new Temple of God), not to say ladies and servants in waiting. It is not until one gets to one of his closing remarks that one realizes why he was so nihilistic. He said that afterrepparttar 122271 human body returns to dust, its spirit therein will have to be returned to God. From a statement such as this, it seems rather clear to me that he did not really believe that persons would persist as souls with memories and self-identity intact inrepparttar 122272 hereafter. That may also explain why he had to whine and grind so much aboutrepparttar 122273 futility of being human.

Be that as it may, I, for one, would think thatrepparttar 122274 baby should not be thrown out withrepparttar 122275 bathwater. Inrepparttar 122276 eyes of any helpless parent, being able to hold onto some ofrepparttar 122277 remaining bits and pieces may still be better than none. In this connection, I think that some ofrepparttar 122278 ‘existentialist’ insights of Friedrich Nietzsche and Jean-Paul Sartre, not to mention those of Kierkegaard and Marin Heidegger, are indeed more appropriate. In very commonsensical and simplistic terms, what they said was that life is not a Chinese dinner party where everyone must wait to be served (i.e., with meaning and purpose). It is more like an outdoor BBQ where one must choose and make one’s own. The purpose and meaning of life is something that everyone must try and cook for himself, in terms of what he wants and decides to do, as well as what one actually managed to get done. To just respond obediently torepparttar 122279 dictates of another (either human or divine), or surrender completely torepparttar 122280 programming of popular culture (religious or secular), is not a meaningful way to live.

To this, I should also like to add three further notes of my own. One is that as every life is bound to undergo various stages for reason of physiological changes and unforeseen circumstances,repparttar 122281 meanings and purposes of a life are in fact many - not just any ‘this and only’ as it is usually mistakenly taken to imply. Another is thatrepparttar 122282 worth of any life (or success, if one must userepparttar 122283 word) is not confined torepparttar 122284 any one top or bottom that one may have managed to conquer or endure. It must also be defined in terms ofrepparttar 122285 total distance andrepparttar 122286 nature of terrains covered. Even if one had to limp through inrepparttar 122287 end, I would rather think, is still more worthy of respect than quitting midway. Last but not least, it is perhaps more appropriate to think aboutrepparttar 122288 purposes and meanings in life, or its worth if you like, rather than of it. There is no justification for anyone to write offrepparttar 122289 former simply for lack ofrepparttar 122290 latter – that is, if one would not want to be so honest and uncouth as to say that fromrepparttar 122291 biological point of view,repparttar 122292 meaning and purpose of life is perhaps to eat first and be eaten later.

====================================== What isrepparttar 122293 role of religion in an agnostic (with respect torepparttar 122294 supernatural) and neuroscientific (or soul-less) world? http://www.geocities.com/philosophyofreligion_pmkchan/index.html ======================================

Author of two books copyrighted and published in the United States: The Mystery of Mind (2003) Soul, God, and Morality (2004)

Spiritual Guidance & Inspiration Through Tarot

Written by Christin Snyder

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My spiritual guidance or what I also refer to as my personal empowerment spread consists ofrepparttar following:

* The first position isrepparttar 122264 background, which points outrepparttar 122265 general areas of concern inrepparttar 122266 querrent’s present situation

* The second Position expands on this a bit by showing me what is motivatingrepparttar 122267 individuals concern, what drives or compels their actions.

* The third position I use to point out fears and underlying problems thatrepparttar 122268 person needs to address, things that block their progress.

* The fourth position I use to point out gently things that they may be overlooking or different perspectives to explore.

* The fifth position I use as an "action plan' to point out ways in whichrepparttar 122269 individual can move pastrepparttar 122270 problems/fears, restrictions, and go forward with new awareness.

The Spread itself is laid out from left to right, shuffling and reflecting onrepparttar 122271 position meaning as each card is drawn.

Sometimes this reading is a little difficult to hear, as it shows us things we don't always want to see. Our job as an effective reader is not to placate someone or simply say what we think they want to hear. Our goal should always be truth even if it is uncomfortable. The reason that is so is that it allows for growth forrepparttar 122272 individual, placating someone does not serve their highest good. Of course that doesn't mean that one should be overly abrasive or condescending in any manner. When reading about a painful situation, try to understand whyrepparttar 122273 querrent feelsrepparttar 122274 way they do while still remaining objective. Inrepparttar 122275 next lesson we will learn in detail how to do a Spiritual Guidance Reading for ourselves and others.

Christin Snyder is a Spiritual Guidance and Personal Empowerment coach who offers a wide variety of free self-empowerment and transformational tools on her websites. Visit today at http://www.dailypowerwords.com or http://www.spiritualguidancetarot.com

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