On dog bites and other dog injuries… (Part 1)

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In addition, dogs may confuse children's movements and behavior and mistake them for prey. It is better to takerepparttar precautionary measures now than be sorry later on. Below are a few instructions that parents should teach their children:

Not every dog that wags its tail is friendly. Do not approach or play with a dog unless an adult is present. Do not approach a stray dog, or a dog you do not know. Get permission first fromrepparttar 119155 dog's owner before approaching it. When you approach a dog, be sure thatrepparttar 119156 owner is present. Remain calm and still when a dog approaches you. Do not tease dogs, or make loud noises around a dog. Avoid staring into a dog's eyes. Do not try to help an injured dog. Get a grown-up to help you. Don't put your hand between two dogs. Ifrepparttar 119157 dog is behind a fence, do not reach throughrepparttar 119158 fence. Keep your face away from dogs. If you got scared by a dog, do not run away, scream or shout. If a dog knocks you over, stay onrepparttar 119159 ground. Stay completely still. Protect your head, face, neck and arms. Tell a grown-up right away. If a dog bites, try to give something else forrepparttar 119160 dog to bite or chew. Give your backpack or jacket. Protect your head and face. As always, tell a grown-up right away.

Special Circumstances Have you noticed thatrepparttar 119161 paperboy riding a bike is always attacked by dogs in your neighborhood? There are special cases when dogs readily attack people. Rapid movement attracts a dog's attention that's why it is best to take caution when engaged in certain activities.

Riding a bicycle, jogging, running and rollerblading are some ofrepparttar 119162 activities that regularly getrepparttar 119163 dogs excited. People who engage in these activities are at risk of being bitten. You should always try to keep a safe distance from dogs, including those that are on leashes.

When in a bicycle, not only do you haverepparttar 119164 risk of getting bitten, you also may be injured if you hit a dog as it runs in front of you. So if you know that you're approaching a place where there are dogs around, it is best to steer away or keep a good distance between yourself and any dogs.

If you are approached by an unrestrained dog when you're jogging, running or rollerblading, do not try to outrun it--- it is probably faster than you. Just stay still until it losses interest in you.

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What to do when in an automobile accident

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Never admit liability. Even if you believe you are at fault, do not admit liability. There may be other factors which you don't know that may turnrepparttar fault torepparttar 119154 other driver. Do not make statements, on print or tape, to anybody atrepparttar 119155 accident scene, except forrepparttar 119156 police. Nevertheless, when speaking torepparttar 119157 police, tell them onlyrepparttar 119158 facts of what happened. Let them make their own conclusion fromrepparttar 119159 facts.

Seek medical care. See a doctor. This is to eliminaterepparttar 119160 probability ofrepparttar 119161 inability to obtain "no fault" benefits for your injuries. There are statutes in every state pertaining to whatrepparttar 119162 insurance can cover. If you do not see a doctor, you might find later on thatrepparttar 119163 insurance company orrepparttar 119164 other driver involved inrepparttar 119165 accident argue that your injuries were not related torepparttar 119166 accident. In addition,repparttar 119167 "adrenaline rush" fromrepparttar 119168 accident can mask symptoms, which a physical examination can otherwise reveal.

Tellrepparttar 119169 doctor your symptoms--- any loss of memory, headache, blood or fluid inrepparttar 119170 ear, dizziness, disorientation, ringing inrepparttar 119171 ears, nausea, confusion, or any other unusual physical or mental feeling.

It is best to be safe. Report your symptoms so that a medical expert can rule outrepparttar 119172 possibility of a much greater damage.

Dealing with automobile accidents can be overwhelming, especially of you are not aware ofrepparttar 119173 ins and outs ofrepparttar 119174 legalities regarding this problem. So if you or a family member is a victim or have suffered from an automobile accident, it is better to have a reliable and competent lawyer to assist you in your claims. The lawyer will provide yourepparttar 119175 opportunity for a fair outcome, as well as recover damages that you deserve.

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