On St. Valentine's Day, Or Any Romantic Interlude, Woo Your Sweetheart With Chocolates, Roses ... AND A Leadership Talk

Written by Brent Filson

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If you want to win or sustainrepparttar fondness of a loved one, a Leadership Talk may just make it happen.

Mixing leadership and love may seem like mixing apples and oranges. But great leadership and love share common elements. For one thing, when you are wooing your lover, you may be takingrepparttar 107937 lead. And for another, using a Leadership Talk, you're fostering a deep, heartfelt relationship -- as great leadership often does.

Here are a few pointers on giving a Leadership Talk that you can put into effect this Valentine's Day or any other interlude for love. Before you speak, simply ask three questions: Do you knowrepparttar 107938 needs of your lover? Can you bring deep belief torepparttar 107939 relationship? And can you have your lover take action? If you say ‘no' to any one of those questions, you can't give a Leadership Talk.

The questions apply to lovers as well. To foster a deep, human emotional relationship, you must know what your sweetheart needs,repparttar 107940 deep belief you bring torepparttar 107941 relationship, and finally,repparttar 107942 action you want your sweetheart to take.

However,repparttar 107943 questions are not meant to be stumbling blocks to your Leadership Talk but stepping stones. If you answer ‘no', step back and assess your situation. Think through what you might say so that you can ‘yes' to each question. Then speak. Give a Leadership Talk. And, byrepparttar 107944 way, don't forgetrepparttar 107945 chocolates and roses. ============================ 2005 © The Filson Leadership Group, Inc. All rights reserved. =============================

The author of 23 books, Brent Filson's recent books are, THE LEADERSHIP TALK: THE GREATEST LEADERSHIP TOOL and 101 WAYS TO GIVE GREAT LEADERSHIP TALKS. For more than 20 years, he has been helping leaders of top companies worldwide get audacious results. Sign up for his free leadership e-zine and get a free white paper: "49 Ways To Turn Action Into Results," at www.actionleadership.com

Miami International Film Festival, SAG Awards, The Oscars! Highlight February Showbusiness and Media Events

Written by The Actor's Checklist

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in Christ Cathedral in Los Angeles, February 10. Berlin International Film Festival, Berlin, presents more than 30 short films fromrepparttar American reconstruction programme afterrepparttar 107936 Second World War, from February 10 to 20. A MusiCares Person ofrepparttar 107937 Year Tribute Dinner honors GRAMMY-nominated composer and pop legend Brian Wilson on February 11 atrepparttar 107938 Paladium in Hollywood. BAFTA: British Academy of Film & Television Arts Film Awards, is slated for February 12 in London. The 47th Annual Grammy Awards will be given inrepparttar 107939 Staples Center in Los Angeles on February 13. 57th Annual Writers Guild Awards will be simultaneously presented February 19 atrepparttar 107940 Hollywood Palladium in Los Angeles, and Pierre Hotel in New York. A World Airline Entertainment Association TV Market convention from February 21 to 22, will be given at Hilton Brighton Metropole in Brighton. The Multicultural Motion Picture Association Oscar Week Luncheon is slated for Peninsula Hotel, Beverly Hills on February 24. "Chicago Writing Sessions: Live Performences, Hot Songs, and Great Networking Opportunities!!" features BMI hip-hop consultant Kevin Shine and other artists in a February 26 session at Hinge Studios in Chicago. Ceremony for Spirit Awards, in Santa Monica, is on February 26. The Oscars! The 77th Academy Awards is set for February 27 atrepparttar 107941 Kodak Theatre, Hollywood.

Many of festivals and conventions listed have a submission process for indie and/or performing artists to take part in. Further information can be found onrepparttar 107942 "Media, Entertainment and Performing Arts Industry News and Events" page at http://www.actorschecklist.com/news.html. And also checkrepparttar 107943 listings we have of US and UK television shows seeking participants. Viewrepparttar 107944 selection at: http://www.actorschecklist.com/resources/tvtickets.html.

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