On-line Education - An information explosion

Written by Ram Balaji

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Literacy, for instance, has an impact onrepparttar on-line education programmes. In rural areas,repparttar 143502 local communities primarily consisting of farmers in villages and small townships play a vital role inrepparttar 143503 development of on-line education. Special tailor-made programmes are offered to suitrepparttar 143504 needs and demands of local communities. The knowledge base is so widened that information gathering is just happening with a click of a mouse.

The on-line explosion hasrepparttar 143505 following unique features: 1.Most ofrepparttar 143506 online programmes provide necessary tools and resources on-line and therefore, cost per programme is minimized.

2.You can do a course in six months, 12 months orrepparttar 143507 duration of your own choice. Courses are adapted to suit your own choice.

3.All these can be done from your office or at home or anywhere aroundrepparttar 143508 world. People who often travel will find it extremely convenient because it is just done from your own comfort zone.

4.Knowledge sharing is another vital feature in this information age. The disseminated information passes through various gateways keeping you updated at each stage aboutrepparttar 143509 happenings aroundrepparttar 143510 community.

Ram Balaji is a New Delhi based freelance journalist. He writes articles and is particularly interested in writing business articles, parenting, health and entertainment categories. He can be reached at hp31_67@yahoo.com

Fiber Optic Cable

Written by Gianfranco Fracassi

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Facts about fiber optic cables: •Outer insulating jacket is made of Teflon or PVC. •Kevlar fiber helps to strengthenrepparttar cable and prevent breakage. •A plastic coating is used to cushionrepparttar 143501 fiber centre. •Centre (core) is made of glass or plastic fibers. Fiber Optic Connector The most common connector used with fiber optic cable is an ST connector. It is barrel shaped, similar to a BNC connector. A newer connector,repparttar 143502 SC, is becoming more popular. It has a squared face and is easier to connect in a confined space.

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