Omega 3 EPA: Nature’s Very Own Anti-Depressant

Written by Dave Mcevoy

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Omega 3 EPA And The Body

As well as EPA being very good for helping to balance mood it has other well documented effects onrepparttar body, these included:-

• Blood thinning properties • Decrease risk of heart attack • Decrease growth rate of atherosclerotic plaque • Slightly lower blood pressure

There is also some limited scientific evidence to show that high grade EPA has helped people suffering from:-

• Bipolar disorder • PMS • Chronic fatigue syndrome / ME • Huntington’s disease • Fibromyalgia • Obsessive compulsive disorder • Schizophrenia • ADHD • ADD

Although more research needs to be done in these areas,repparttar 140998 current evidence looks very promising.

EPA Versus DHA

Omega 3 fish oil contains another omega 3 nutrient called DHA, there is a currently a controversial argument as to which omega 3 nutrient isrepparttar 140999 more beneficial in dealing with depression and related disorders. This Argument is born from doctors who have used high grade Epa , Horribin, Puri and Peet They claim thatrepparttar 141000 higherrepparttar 141001 ratio of Epa to Dharepparttar 141002 more effectiverepparttar 141003 results have been, just recently Dr Andrew Stoll has also come out in support of this theory.

EPA From Food

Any good doctor or nutritionist will tell you thatrepparttar 141004 best way to get any nutrient is to eat a very balanced diet ofrepparttar 141005 correct amount of carbohydrates , protein and omega essential fatty acids. Inrepparttar 141006 case of Omega 3 epa this would be inrepparttar 141007 form of fish, unfortunately due torepparttar 141008 high concentration levels of epa needed to obtain a therapeutic dose you would have to consume a large amount of oily fish daily and sadly due torepparttar 141009 pollution levels found in our oceans today this is not advisable.

Omega 3 Epa can also be found in high doses in certain fish oil supplements, when choosing a fish oil supplement you should choose onlyrepparttar 141010 fish oil ofrepparttar 141011 highest quality it should also have as high an EPA to DHA ratio as possible,for maximum therapeutic effect.


The large majority of scientific trails using high grade Omega 3 Ethyl Epa point towards this natural oil being very beneficial for many conditions. The argument aboutrepparttar 141012 DHA rages on and probably will until some solid scientific evidence is presented to us .Inrepparttar 141013 mean time a product with a high EPA to DHA ratio is considered more beneficial by some leading UK doctors.

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The “Weight” is Over – Ephedra Ban Lifted

Written by Ted Collins

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Ephedra has been used byrepparttar Chinese for more than 2000 years. Inrepparttar 140923 beginning it was used to treat asthma, colds, and upper respiratory infections. The primary active ingredient isrepparttar 140924 Chinese herb Ma Huang. There is a naturalchemical that is extracted fromrepparttar 140925 herb. It is carefully mixed with other natural ingredients to create what we know today as Ephedra. Another form of Ephedra is broken down into another form called “Ephederine” which is used in nasal decongestants such as SudafedÓ. Ephedra isrepparttar 140926 purest form which is used as a powerful fat burner. In fact, beforerepparttar 140927 ban, billions of bottles were being sold each year. Labs could not produce it fast enough. The demand is still there, however,repparttar 140928 problem is that consumers have no idea where to get it until now. Thanks to Ephedra Labs and Marqi Fitness,repparttar 140929 “Weight” is over.

Mr. Collins is an accomplished Marketer with more than 12 years of Market Research, Trends, and Lifecycle Product Development experience. He holds dual BBAs in Marketing from Kennesaw State University. He began his career in marketing in the telecommuncations industry 12 years ago. He is currently the President of Business Consultants Group, Inc. (BCG). Copywright ©2005

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