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Written by Cliff Calderwood

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Both a museum and educational resource, Old Sturbridge Village is primarily a place to explore for all ages. The centerpiece isrepparttar recreated New England town and outlying areas containing more than 40 buildings to visit, experience, and enjoy.

Sturbridge Village contains both residential homes, as well as a bank, printing office, and stores and shops. You’ll learn why banks didn’t do personal loans, but who did. And whyrepparttar 145636 buildings called Meetinghouses, weren’t called churches - even though each Sunday most villagers spent four hours worshipping in them.

Pay a call onrepparttar 145637 Salem household in their handsome Towne House, and then stop by and have tea atrepparttar 145638 Parsonage before visitingrepparttar 145639 Fenno and Fitch dwellings. These residential homes onrepparttar 145640 common in Sturbridge Village are full of surprises and homely comforts.

And if you need to stop for refreshment, Sturbridge Village has plenty of picnic areas if you’ve brought your own food, or you can purchase hot and cold fare at Bullard Tavern, or treats at Little Cakes. Options to eat change withrepparttar 145641 seasons so be sure to checkrepparttar 145642 guiderepparttar 145643 day you visit.

The vision ofrepparttar 145644 original founders of Old Sturbridge Village was for a place to learn by doing and direct experience – an active outdoors museum. I’ve always found Sturbridge Village a welcome change of pace and reminder that quality of life has nothing to do with a car orrepparttar 145645 latest wide screen TV.

Plan to spend at least 3-4 hours at Old Sturbridge Village. Remember a ticket to Sturbridge Village is good for two days within a 10-day period. For more information on schedule, events, and ticket prices, check outrepparttar 145646 official web site at: www.osv.org.

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Find Many Cruise Deals That Suit Your Personal Style And Needs!

Written by William Lezubski

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As a result, Disney Cruise Line vacations offer guests an unbelievable cruise experience not found anywhere else. Disney Cruise Line offers guests an exciting new way to vacation with Disney. The Disney Magic cruise ship alternates weekly between an eastern and western Caribbean itinerary with new seven- and ten-night holiday itineraries.

The Disney Wonder offers one-of-a-kind land and sea vacations that combinerepparttar fun and excitement ofrepparttar 145632 Walt Disney World Resort with a three- or four-night Disney Cruise Line voyage to The Bahamas. Cast off on an adventure that will capturerepparttar 145633 imagination of your entire family. Chooserepparttar 145634 ideal vacation that fits your needs and dreams.

Oceania Cruises

Oceania Cruises is a distinctively different cruise line. Two modern luxury ships carry just 684 guests. Nearly 70% of all staterooms feature private verandas and an extremely attentive European staff provides you exceptional service. At Oceania Cruises,repparttar 145635 priority is an extraordinary cruise experience that will fit varied interests and will exceed all your expectations.

This includesrepparttar 145636 finest cuisine at sea, carefully crafted by world-renowned Master Chef Jacques Pepin. Each ship, Regatta and Insignia offersrepparttar 145637 flexibility of open-seating dining in four unique restaurants. Experience a country club atmosphere whererepparttar 145638 expectation is to dress comfortably and where suits, tuxedos and gowns are never required. Outstanding personal service is provided by a staff-to-guest ratio that is amongrepparttar 145639 best inrepparttar 145640 industry!

There are two mid-size ships that afford incomparable luxury, including cuisine that is simplyrepparttar 145641 finest at sea. With only 684 guests to pamper, our 400 staff members cater to your every whim, with highly personalized service. There's a sense of warmth and intimacy throughout, sorepparttar 145642 ambiance resembles that of a private country club - casual, yet elegant.

Princess Cruises

Princess Cruises, one ofrepparttar 145643 best-known names in North American cruising, is a global cruise and tour company. It's operating a fleet of 14 ships and growing with two more by 2007! They offer over 150 different itineraries calling at nearly 260 ports aroundrepparttar 145644 globe. Princess is known for its Personal Choice Cruising program, a fleet-wide dedication to providing passengers with a wide variety of options with which to customize their vacations.

The line’s ships are designed to offer an array of choices in dining, entertainment and amenities, to enable passengers to create their own personalized cruise experience. Princess itineraries spanrepparttar 145645 globe, with cruises ranging from seven to 72 days in length. Destinations includerepparttar 145646 Caribbean, Alaska, Europe, Panama Canal, Mexico, South Pacific, South America, Hawaii/Tahiti, Asia, India, Africa, Holy Land, Canada/New England, Antarctica and World voyages.

Princess is one ofrepparttar 145647 leaders in Alaska CruiseTour vacations, and owns five riverside wilderness lodges, plus a fleet of UltraDome railcars and luxury motorcoaches, which take passengers throughrepparttar 145648 heart ofrepparttar 145649 49th state. Princess additionally operates cruise tours in China, Australia, Africa, India, Europe,repparttar 145650 Canadian Rockies andrepparttar 145651 eastern United States.

If any ofrepparttar 145652 cruise ships above are not what you desire in a cruise vacation, I recommend visiting our site to view a more extensive line of ships and itineraries that should satisfy everyone's needs. Cruising isrepparttar 145653 best way to experience a vacation with value in mind, and it provides you a variety activities, exotic ports, and food to die for that will create ever lasting memories!

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