Old And New Contents for Your eZines & Newsletter

Written by Robert Wardrick

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A new article on writing Press Releases, and an old article on how to Target Your Market Niche cound be a perfect fit. Publish for your readers not for yourself.

--Nothing Venture Nothing Gained--

Venture out in your search for new content. Checkout your daily newspapers, favorite magazines, radio and tv programs for ideas (no I'm not advocating that you lift someone's copyrighted material), but rather let your creative jucies flow and piggback to produce original articles.

--Feedback; Ask And It Shall Be Given--

Ask your readers for comments and suggestions about your content, feedback can offer you a wide margin on what suits their interest.

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The Non-Definitive List of E-zine Directories

Written by Martin Avis

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In order to test them, I have submitted my newsletter details to every one (apart from paml.com which seems to be working, butrepparttar link torepparttar 124354 submit page doesn't.) The responses I have had so far are varied:

1. No response 2. A polite email confirming my submission 3. Immediate listing 4. An onscreen notice confirming submission and advising that entry torepparttar 124355 list may take some time.

I plan to revisit each ofrepparttar 124356 sites after one month and report back on whether I got listed or not.

Of course, I have no idea whether I will get any new subscribers from all this effort, but I made my entries in such a way as to be able to trackrepparttar 124357 source of any submissions that do arise. I will report on that too in a month.

Six ofrepparttar 124358 sites also accept postings of articles. This could be very useful, but in a few cases, it seemed easier to post than to read those which were already there! Maybe that was just me.

Nine sites also had a good amount of extra content which would be very useful to publishers of e-zines.

These are all indicated onrepparttar 124359 BizE-zine web site.

Finally, I have rankedrepparttar 124360 33 sites in order of their Alexa ranking. This purports to measurerepparttar 124361 site's traffic. I am not sure aboutrepparttar 124362 legality of quotingrepparttar 124363 Alexa figures directly, so I have simply putrepparttar 124364 sites in order - highest traffic atrepparttar 124365 top.

Is this list definitive? I hope not! I am sure that there must be lots more sites onrepparttar 124366 Internet that could be included. If you run one, or know of one, please email me at mailto:martin@BizE-zine.com so that I can updaterepparttar 124367 list.

Similarly, if you have had any success with any ofrepparttar 124368 sites I have listed, please let me know - perhaps I can include a 'users comments' section onrepparttar 124369 web page.

My next project is to dorepparttar 124370 same thing for Article repositories ... but not right now - I feel a migraine coming on.

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