Old-Fashioned Tomatoes

Written by Janette Blackwell

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Break into bits 2 slices of stale bread. Add to 4 cups canned or fresh tomatoes, peeled and quartered, with half an onion, chopped, and about 2/3 cup brown sugar. Salt lightly.

Bringrepparttar mixture to a boil and simmer gently for 3 hours, stirring occasionally.

My notes say, “It does need three hours to cook, even withrepparttar 148904 pan lid off most ofrepparttar 148905 time. Perhaps some ofrepparttar 148906 thin tomato juices could be poured off atrepparttar 148907 beginning, shorteningrepparttar 148908 cooking time.”

Tomatoes Maryland isrepparttar 148909 kind of sweet side dish American cooks like to serve with chicken or pork. I was going to say, “cooks from regions other thanrepparttar 148910 Northeast.” Then I remembered applesauce with pork, cranberry sauce with turkey, mint jelly with lamb, and baked beans with salt pork. Not to mention pancakes and syrup with sausages cuddled up close. And mincemeat pie, that ultimate mixture of meat and sweet. (And, yes, real mincemeat, as opposed to a packaged mix, does contain meat.)

I will add that some people of Grandpa’s generation did eat diced raw garden tomatoes for breakfast, just as one would eat strawberries, with sugar and cream. You see, it was safe to eat them raw with sugar and cream, becauserepparttar 148911 tomatoes then ceased to be a vegetable and became a fruit.

And actually those old-time breakfasters were right. Fresh vine-ripened tomatoes are good with sugar and cream. Let’s face it, most things are good with sugar and cream. And of course tomatoes really are a fruit.

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The Best of the Boutiques

Written by Marcy Roth

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As a retailer of boutique wines, halfrepparttar fun is findingrepparttar 148903 small producer, who is often making fewer than a thousand cases. These vintners are more willing to take risks, to be flexible and innovative. Our passion is finding these unknown, boutique wines and introducing them to our friends and customers. Parador is a perfect example. Winemaker Steve Ventrello makes only 38 barrels of Parador Red Blend, an unorthodox blend of Cabernet Sauvignon (originally a French varietal), Sangiovese (the most famous grape from Italy) and Tempranillo (the grape you’ll find in Spanish Rioja). He even went so far as to travel to Europe to clip some ofrepparttar 148904 vines from their country of origin and bring them back to Napa. Ventrello says, “Small lots allow for complete control in winemaking and blending. And, you can have a more maverick entrepreneurial approach, breaking out ofrepparttar 148905 Merlot, Cabernet, Chardonnay rut.” Givenrepparttar 148906 quality and richness of these boutique wines, wineries such as Parador, Ramey and Reverie will never be in a rut. http://www.bacchusandvenus.com/cgi-bin/shop/shop.cgi?action=specs&&item=1108849943&choice=Cabernet%20Sauvignons%20&%20Bordeaux%20Varietals

For more information on or to order these wines, contact Bacchus & Venus at (415) 331-2001 or www.bacchusandvenus.com

Marcy Roth fulfilled her longtime dream three years ago when she opened Bacchus & Venus, a wine tasting room and art gallery in the beautiful San Francisco Bay Area town of Sausalito. Bacchus & Venus features hard-to-find wines from premium California wineries, provides daily wine tastings and seated wine tasting seminars in its gallery overlooking the Bay. www.bacchusandvenus.com

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