Okay Monkey Put Down The Fruit and Raise Your Arms

Written by S N James

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Out of these cases he has found thatrepparttar monkeys do eatrepparttar 110074 crops. But, Mr Hunt says thatrepparttar 110075 vervets do not consume unripe food. He has found that they only eatrepparttar 110076 edible part of fruit, fallen torepparttar 110077 ground, caused from an insect. Therefore, asrepparttar 110078 fruit is unlikely to be sold and is thus perishable due torepparttar 110079 insect, no original damage was caused to their income by vervets. Also, fruit sold in markets are picked unripe giving no reason forrepparttar 110080 monkeys to eat them.

As you encroach upon an area, a point comes when human meets animal. The outcome of this interaction depends on our view and attitude towardsrepparttar 110081 animal. So, when a troop of vervets came down fromrepparttar 110082 hills near Ga-Rankawa Hospital near Pretoria it was reported that a nurse was injured from being scared andrepparttar 110083 hospital employees were victims. This would be a natural reaction givenrepparttar 110084 negative image.

The vervet are not only ones, evenrepparttar 110085 African wild dogs have beenrepparttar 110086 victims of this also. According torepparttar 110087 WWF website [www.wwf]repparttar 110088 killing “has resulted in immense decline in their range and numbers on whose populations continue to dwindle – only 500 or so remain”. Instead of being detested they are quickly becoming a tourist attraction. Hopefully this will help towards eradicatingrepparttar 110089 vermin label. The Green Bank (a subsidiary of WWF) are even funding a project to aid this canine. There’s hope yet.

Is there? Certainly not if people exist such as this following individual. He advertises killer instruments,repparttar 110090 most efficient ways to kill vermin. They include gin traps , neck traps and 1080 poison. Possession ofrepparttar 110091 former is banned in 90 countries including those inrepparttar 110092 EU. Even worserepparttar 110093 poison is banned worldwide due to its potential threat. One spoonful of this stuff can kill a hundred people.

Even withrepparttar 110094 well known Kruger National Park there is much to do for wildlife conservation in South Africa. The killing ofrepparttar 110095 large animals may have stopped but given time and awareness ofrepparttar 110096 vermin classification may hopefully change attitudes towards savingrepparttar 110097 grandfather ofrepparttar 110098 ape world and other such problem animals.



Written by Terry Dashner

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Why am I being pig headed, you may ask? Granted, my background pre-disposes me to “pig headedness.” I grew up in a minister’s home. I attended school in a small town and left home at 18 to serve inrepparttar United States military. The year was 1973. I returned in 1977 to marry my high school sweetheart with whom I’ve enjoyed her love and acceptance forrepparttar 110073 past 27 years. I’ve reared three children, all grown. I served my community as a police officer throughrepparttar 110074 years and now enjoy retirement. In retirement I’ve chosen to pastor a small church that my father founded.

I tell you my background ofrepparttar 110075 past 50 years to setrepparttar 110076 stage for what I’m about to write. When it comes to human history “luck” may seemrepparttar 110077 order ofrepparttar 110078 day, but it isn’t. “…pure luck…” should be changed to “God’s Providence and over riding hand inrepparttar 110079 affairs of men.” Yesrepparttar 110080 longer I live,repparttar 110081 more I study history (my life’s passion),repparttar 110082 more I seerepparttar 110083 movement and aligning of nations—either past or present—the more I am convinced that “luck” in world affairs has little to do withrepparttar 110084 way things are. It is God who holdsrepparttar 110085 course of human history inrepparttar 110086 palms of His Hands.

So, when you are tempted to scratch your head and think—Wow—what luck! Try this. God doesn’t rule His world and universe by luck. He rules by His Sovereignty and favors those who will serve Him willingly. No my friend, it isn’t luck that’s covering history. It’srepparttar 110087 goodness and favor of God who is The Almighty history maker.

Keeprepparttar 110088 faith. Stayrepparttar 110089 course. Jesus is coming soon. Are you ready? Or maybe I should inquire—are you feeling lucky?

Pastor T.dash

Pastors a small church in what used to be a small town.

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