Oh, No! It's My Turn--Tips, Techniques and Strategies for Successful Fund Raising.

Written by Larry Denton

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Direct sale fund raising involves selling products like candy bars, cookie dough or pizza kits. We are all familiar with thin mint chocolate cookies and Boy Scout popcorn. There are hundreds, if not thousands, of distributors and vendors pushing a huge selection of products and programs to groups who are looking to raise money for a specific cause. And they are easy to find usingrepparttar Internet.

The BIG question: how do you decide? That's entirely up to you and your group. There is no single answer, no "one size fits all" solution to that fund raising question. Do you expect active involvement from allrepparttar 105704 members of your organization (like a car wash), or will a few volunteers be expected to do a lion's share ofrepparttar 105705 work? Fund raising events vary in cost, complexity andrepparttar 105706 final results are based on a host of factors that may be difficult to control--for example, there is no ice onrepparttar 105707 lake for your planned ice fishing derby or it pours rain on your car wash.

The most important tip--keeprepparttar 105708 FUN in your fund raising! Show appreciation to all portions of your organization and support base. Blend in food and fun--use a cake walk to sell a portion of your donated goods at a bake sale, for example. And you can't say thank you often enough to your supporters and participants.

Whether you are selling Krispy Kremes for your church group or running a "dunk tank" atrepparttar 105709 local fair to supportrepparttar 105710 volunteer fire department--best wishes for big profits!

Larry Denton is a retired history teacher having taught 33 years at Hobson High in Hobson, Montana. He is currently Vice President of Elfin Enterprises, Inc., an Internet business providing information and valuable resources on a variety of timely topics. For a carnival booth full of resources, tips, and suggestions about fund raising, visit http://www.FundRaisingFolks.com

The Fact About Newspapers Advertising

Written by David Bell

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A WORD OF CAUTION: Never ever "roll out" a newspapers advertising campaign without first testing your ad in a smaller (cheaper) market.We've heard far too many failures from people who 'thought' they had a great money making ad, and went in forrepparttar 'kill'! That is, they rushed in and spent $2000 on an ad campaign, only to find out later thatrepparttar 105703 ad bombed. Instead, start out small. Be cheap, and be cautious. You can run an effective test campaign for about a hundred dollars. This is a great way to testrepparttar 105704 waters and protect your ad budget. Once you've made even a VERY small profit,userepparttar 105705 power of multiplication to roll that small money into big bucks!

David Bell http://www.wspromotion.com/ Advertising research and development center

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