Offline Promotion Matters Too

Written by Elena Fawkner

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Also, get permission to leave a small stack of your brochures in places where potential customers are likely to congregate such as doctors' and dentists' waiting rooms, local schools etc..

Another good idea is to send your brochure torepparttar editors of your local and regional newspapers together with a letter advising of your availability for interview as a local expert in your field.


Advertising can be as simple as placing classified ads in your local newspaper or as grand as purchasing television advertising slots. Here's a few ideas:

=> Classified Ads

Place small classified ads in your local and city newspapers and includerepparttar 124470 URL of your website.

=> Yellow Pages

If you purchase display advertising inrepparttar 124471 Yellow Pages, be sure to include your URL.

=> Flyers

One page flyers advertising your product or service and including your URL can be printed cheaply and left on car windshields or distributed via letterbox drops in your local area.

=> Local TV Guide

Your local TV guide can be a good place to advertise cheaply if your product or service is of particular interest to a local geographic target audience. Again, be sure to include your URL.

=> Radio Advertising

Radio advertising can be an excellent buy for many small businesses. Callrepparttar 124472 sales department of several radio stations that target your demographic. Be sure to ask about rates for different times of day and package deals.

=> Television Advertising

You're not going to be able to affordrepparttar 124473 high price advertising exposure that's offered byrepparttar 124474 likes of ABC or NBC but you may be surprised at how affordable advertising on your local cable channel can be. Contactrepparttar 124475 sales department of your cable provider for details. This type of advertising is particularly effective if your product or services is oriented toward a specific geographic target market.

=> Direct Mail

Mailing lists of various sizes are available for rent or purchase for direct mailing your offer to prospective customers.

=> Press Releases

Press releases can act as a form of de facto advertising. Send your press release torepparttar 124476 editors of print periodicals.


Any local community offers ample opportunity for networking. Each networking function you attend is an opportunity to publicize your business and your website. Considerrepparttar 124477 following:

=> local Chamber of Commerce => local industry groups => school functions => social events => charitable organizations => community functions, and => public speaking.


Last but not least, gettingrepparttar 124478 word out should be a daily habit.

=> Telephone

Every time you answer your business phone be sure to giverepparttar 124479 caller your website address so they can find out more information about you and your business. Make sure your website address is included inrepparttar 124480 message recorded on your answering machine.

=> Mail Inserts

Include a small insert promoting your business and your website in every piece of mail that leaves your home or office.

=> Word of Mouth

Finally, perhapsrepparttar 124481 most effective and under-appreciated tool of them all word of mouth. Talk about your business and your website at every opportunity and encourage your customers, friends, family and colleagues to dorepparttar 124482 same. You would be surprised at just how many businesses out there owe their success to little more than word of mouth referrals.

Successfully promoting an online business requires a sound understanding and methodical application ofrepparttar 124483 principles of online marketing and promotion.

But to focus on online methods torepparttar 124484 exclusion of offline does only halfrepparttar 124485 job. Give due attention to offline methods of promotion in conjunction with your online promotional efforts to ensurerepparttar 124486 widest possible coverage of ALL of your potential markets.

Elena Fawkner is editor of A Home-Based Business Online ... practical business ideas, opportunities and solutions for the work-from-home entrepreneur.

How To Get FREE Media Publicity With Your Short Announcement

Written by Kevin Nunley

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How do you distribute your media announcement? Call and tell your news torepparttar person inrepparttar 124469 newsroom who answersrepparttar 124470 phone. Then email, fax, or regular mail your announcement. It doesn't hurt to do all three (some editors might get annoyed, but most aren't that organized and appreciate you making sure they get multiple opportunities to userepparttar 124471 material).

Above all, make sure you are ready and available to provide more details. The entire point of a media announcement is to getrepparttar 124472 editor interested and onrepparttar 124473 phone with you. Many like to email. Provide several phone numbers where you can be reached and an email address you check often. Many times a reporter will call you hours or minutes before deadline. Fail to get back with them quickly, and your story will be skipped.

Some editors may say "send me more!" Have a press packet ready. This could include an expanded version of your media release. Add more information to it to get a full page press release. Photos also work well if you regular mail them or put them on a web page. A link torepparttar 124474 page can go in your press release.

A cover letter isn't necessary, but it's a good idea to include a bio sheet. Tell what your business or organization does, how you got started, your history, and your plans forrepparttar 124475 future. Be sure to include quotes that could be used in an article or onrepparttar 124476 air.

Broadcast media--radio and TV--like a list of questions they can ask you. You can also providerepparttar 124477 answers torepparttar 124478 questions. This can work well for print media as well.

What editors really want is for you to help them do their job. When I was in media, I gave away thousands in free publicity. I never looked at it as giving away publicity, just as looking for interesting stories my audience would appreciate. If a business helped me do that, then I was more than happy to give them a "plug," mentioning their name and product.

Be persistent. Send just one media announcement out and you probably won't get much response. Success comes when you consistently look for ideas or events to tellrepparttar 124479 media about.

The biggest PR successes haven't come from great stories as much as from small business folks who just won't give up. Take out a calendar and jot down events you could stage overrepparttar 124480 next few months. It might be an event at your store, one you put on with a local charity, a new section of your web site, or you as activist in a local controversy or cause.

Kevin Nunley writes press releases and sends them to 5,000 media nationwide. "I've never seen a business that couldn't get free media." See his PR deals at Reach Kevin at or 801-328-9006.

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