Offline Promotion: 45 Places Your URL Should Be Seen or Heard

Written by Wild Bill Montgomery

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E. Offer to speak for free at conferences, meetings, or seminars, then make sure your hand outs include details about your website, ezine, and subscription instructions.

F. Add an insert with your URL into every piece of mail that goes out of your house or business.

G. Donate products or services to raffles with your URL mentioned with/instead of your company or name.

H. Webdecals are a new, inexpensive and fun way to attract attention to your website. People absolutely love them, and they are very simple to use. Webdecals are made of high quality vinyl and printed with state ofrepparttar art digital equipment. Display your website address and more in bold white or black & white letters. People stick them everywhere. In your car windows, store, office and home windows, any place with glass!

I. ID-It Plates: These Elegant mini-Billboards promote YOU 365 days a year, enhancerepparttar 124488 appearance of your vehicles, last for years and most important, give you literally Millions of Impressions over their lifetime.

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Using Direct Mail Promotion to Build On-Line Traffic

Written by Phil Sasso

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3. Printing A Postcard ­ Choose a printer that can show you postcard samples. These can both serve to showrepparttar quality of their work and give you ideas for your card. o Is you printer familiar with postcard printing?

o Is it mailable weight? Isrepparttar 124487 thickness correct? o Arerepparttar 124488 dimension right? Does it meet postal codes?

o Canrepparttar 124489 printer meet your deadline?

o Should you print extra for future use? Whatısrepparttar 124490 cost?

4. Bulk Mailing - I suggest you use a lettershop to do your mailing preparation. A lettershop can save you enough money on bulk mailing postage to pay for their services ‹ and save you hours of labeling and stamping.

o Will you use your permit or your lettershopıs?

o Are you using labels or imprintingrepparttar 124491 cards?

o What isrepparttar 124492 bulk rate for this postcard? Whatıs first class? What will you do?

o When willrepparttar 124493 postal drop be? When will it arrive in your customerıs hands?

o Doesrepparttar 124494 piece meet postal code? Isrepparttar 124495 permit number correct?

This is not an exhaustive list, but a fairly thorough one. It should guide you alongrepparttar 124496 general route and help you avoidrepparttar 124497 major potholes you could hit.

Rememberrepparttar 124498 old adage: Failing to plan is like planning to fail. Thereıs a lot of planning in a direct mail campaign. The better prepared you are,repparttar 124499 better your results will be.

When planning a mailing work backwards fromrepparttar 124500 date you wantrepparttar 124501 card to arrive. Add inrepparttar 124502 time for design, printing, labeling and mailing. Be sure to have a buffer in case any complications arise. You can always as a lettershop to hold a mailing a few days. Thatıs a lot less stressful than rushingrepparttar 124503 job and paying forrepparttar 124504 resulting mistakes.

I suggest you choose suppliers that have experience doing postcard mailings. They can help you with allrepparttar 124505 details. Or better yet, choose one source to managerepparttar 124506 entire mailing.

Trackrepparttar 124507 results of your mailing. Youıll probably find hits will jump suddenly, and then trail off over a few days. Try to space your mailing out so thatrepparttar 124508 peaks and trail-offs overlap slightly for maximum results.

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