Of Whom The World Was Not Worthy Of

Written by Maurice Perry

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Another very important reason whyrepparttar individuals talked about in verse 32 (and Hebrews 11 in its entirety) were men and women whomrepparttar 149154 world was not, and is not worthy of isrepparttar 149155 fact that they lived a life of separation and sanctification, being totally devoted to ministering unto God and doing His will. And likewise, we, inrepparttar 149156 hour that we live in, must be totally separated unto God in Holiness, righteousness and sanctification as living sacrifices. Living holy, pleasing and acceptable untorepparttar 149157 Lord is what separates us fromrepparttar 149158 things of this world. Actually being counter-cultural, radical and going againstrepparttar 149159 grain of secular opinion is what we are called to become and do. Whenrepparttar 149160 Holy Spirit begins to transform our mind and ways of thinking, our thoughts will then affect our actions, and our actions will become subliminally counter-cultural and Holy Spirit driven! The taste, aroma and mere presence that we leave with people or in a room will definitely create separation fromrepparttar 149161 things of this world. We need to become reprobate torepparttar 149162 things ofrepparttar 149163 world, just as sinners are reprobate torepparttar 149164 things of God (Romans 1:28).

To be worthy is to be valued or prized. If we think of ourselves as being of monetary value, we must ask ourselves, “Where do we spend ourselves?” What makes us different fromrepparttar 149165 world is how we handle “our money” and what we do with it. Again, let’s think of ourselves as being with monetary value. Are we spending ourselves onrepparttar 149166 things ofrepparttar 149167 world, or onrepparttar 149168 things of God? Are we giving all we have and all of ourselves torepparttar 149169 things ofrepparttar 149170 world, or are we investing our time, talent and treasure, wholeheartedly, intorepparttar 149171 things ofrepparttar 149172 Kingdom of God? We must always make sure that we are giving God all that we have, and use our money, and ourselves forrepparttar 149173 advancement and glorification of His Kingdom.

… where your treasure is, there also is your heart…

Another thing that we must know and understand is that this world is not our home and final destination. Our final destination is New Jerusalem (heaven, Revelation 21) with our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ for ever and ever. We must make sure that we do not allow ourselves to become complacent withrepparttar 149174 ways of this world and comfortable withrepparttar 149175 environments that we live in, in which are full of strife, envy, jealousy, murder, violence, immorality, sexual perversion, all of which are amongst other sinful actions that are contrary torepparttar 149176 Word of God. The faithful individuals spoken of in Hebrews 11 may have wandered inrepparttar 149177 deserts, mountains and caves of this earth physically, but their hearts were always fixated on God, His commandments and promises for them. When we get torepparttar 149178 point where we begin to live a life that is fixated onrepparttar 149179 things of God, this is when we will finally be delivered fromrepparttar 149180 things and ways of this world and finally begin to walk completely inrepparttar 149181 ways of God and receive His provision, providence, promises and blessings.

Revelation 12:10-11 10 And I heard a loud voice saying in heaven, Now is come salvation, and strength, andrepparttar 149182 kingdom of our God, andrepparttar 149183 power of his Christ: forrepparttar 149184 accuser of our brethren is cast down, which accused them before our God day and night. 11 And they overcame him byrepparttar 149185 blood ofrepparttar 149186 Lamb, and byrepparttar 149187 word of their testimony; and they loved not their lives untorepparttar 149188 death.

Becoming over-comers is only possible throughrepparttar 149189 name of Jesus and His blood that was shed onrepparttar 149190 cross, by our testimonies and stories of deliverance from past strongholds and pitfalls, and not lovingrepparttar 149191 life that we live on this earth, but possessing a burning passion and desire forrepparttar 149192 life that we will live in heaven with our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

The writer of Hebrews states that there simply isn’t enough time inrepparttar 149193 earth to talk aboutrepparttar 149194 many blessings that were bestowed onrepparttar 149195 people mentioned in Hebrews 11. Will our loved ones, family and friends be able to sayrepparttar 149196 same thing about us when we die? Will they be able to say that there isn’t enough time inrepparttar 149197 world to talk about all ofrepparttar 149198 wonderful things that we did forrepparttar 149199 Kingdom of God while we were alive?

Are you a man or woman of whomrepparttar 149200 world is not worthy of?

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Witnesses, Mormons, Schuler, Graham and others

Written by Robert Bruce Baird

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Arthur Lee Malory--CO-CHAIRMAN ofrepparttar BILLY GRAHAM CRUSADE Advisory Committee forrepparttar 148931 1973 St. Louis Crusade -- 32° Freemason, deacon inrepparttar 148932 So. Bapt. Church.

Who are some ofrepparttar 148933 primary ministers that had worked with 33° Freemason Billy Graham overrepparttar 148934 years? Billy Graham has helped set up other 33° Masons in ministry. Billy Graham has placed his stamp of approval on almost every well-known apostate Christian out there. When Billy Graham had a crusade in Japan,repparttar 148935 Japanese minister that he had up onrepparttar 148936 platform was a well-known extremely liberal Christian. A conservative Japanese was shocked. Billy Graham is also endorsing many ofrepparttar 148937 books, and ministries of these apostates. Some ofrepparttar 148938 three biggest ministers inrepparttar 148939 protestant world, Robert Schuller, Norman Vincent Peale, and Oral Roberts are all 33° Masonic brothers of 33° Freemason Billy Graham. (See Roberts, Oral. Miracle of Seed Faith, p.9.) Billy Graham has helped each of these brothers with their ministries. Robert Schuller taught principles of church growth to Unity School in Kansas City. A Christian, who used to be on staff there, said that Robert Schuller was fully aware that Luciferian Initiations were going on atrepparttar 148940 school and that he didn't care. Robert Schuller, 33° Freemason, was helped into ministry by Billy Graham. Schuller also participates inrepparttar 148941 Monarch program and is also sexually serviced by Monarch slaves.

Norman Vincent Peale's form of Christianity called positive thinking is actually only white witchcraft with different names. Peale simply is a "Christian" witch. Norman Vincent Peale, 33° Freemason, his church receiverepparttar 148942 bulk of people who came forward atrepparttar 148943 NY Crusade. Norman Vincent Peale is a 6° Illuminatus (Pilgrim Society), and a 33° Freemason. Inrepparttar 148944 magazine Psychic Magazine of San Francisco Peale says of occultist Kreskin, All he's doing is dramatizing what I've been preaching in my writing for years. Norman Vincent Peale controlsrepparttar 148945 approx. $200 million Presbyterian Minister's Fund. He celebratedrepparttar 148946 25th anniversary ofrepparttar 148947 United Nations. He wasrepparttar 148948 keynote speaker atrepparttar 148949 birthday ofrepparttar 148950 late Mormon prophet Spencer W. Kimball (a secret Mason).

Peale praised Kimball as a true prophet of God, and a great man of God. Peale practices witchcraft, and palms it off on unsuspecting Christians under different terminology. The false unity movement which is so strong today, wants to uniterepparttar 148951 devout Christian withrepparttar 148952 likes of Norman Vincent Peale. Peale is a good friend of Billy Graham, and Billy Graham referredrepparttar 148953 largest number of new converts ofrepparttar 148954 NY Billy Graham Crusade to Peale's church. Oral Roberts, 33° Freemason, helped into ministry by his masonic brother Billy Graham. Oral Roberts has been seen by witnesses participating in SRA and Mind-control. Oral Roberts University andrepparttar 148955 charismatic movement is another important religious front. The Charismatic movement has been infiltrated by multiples since day-one. The history ofrepparttar 148956 infiltration is extensive. Oral Roberts had cherokee blood, According to some things that Oral Roberts has said, some Christians think that he received his healing powers from an old Indian who healed him through indian shamanism when Oral was young.

At times, Oral does userepparttar 148957 same methods that spirit mediums use to heal with. According to slaves who have been deprogrammed, they were in satanic rituals with Oral Roberts. Christian ministers, who have participated in his ministry are saying that they have seen massive swindle in his healing ministry. His university is being used as a programming center. His basketball team at one time had Monarch slaves playing on it. We do not know if they still do. Underrepparttar 148958 prayer tower is one ofrepparttar 148959 programming sites. Billy Graham, a handler himself, helped launch Oral Roberts University, and is a friend of Oral Roberts. Fromrepparttar 148960 Illuminati's point of view Tulsa isrepparttar 148961 Guardian City of Apollo. The City of Faith is to berepparttar 148962 center for healing from AEsculapius, a demon related to Apollo. {Asklepios is a contributor torepparttar 148963 Corpus Hermeticum andrepparttar 148964 author of a sermon on Light or Heliopolitanism.} While portraying themselves as Christians, infiltrators withinrepparttar 148965 charismatic movement are carrying out satanic rituals to get demonic healing powers. Tulsa is one of, ifrepparttar 148966 main center forrepparttar 148967 campaign to infiltrate Christianity viarepparttar 148968 Charismatic/Pentecostal movement with programmed multiples.

G. Bromley Oxnam, 33 ° Freemason, was head ofrepparttar 148969 FCC churches, supportive friend of Billy Graham, G. Bromley Oxnam has a long history to him of working forrepparttar 148970 elite, interested readers can pick up his story in Be Wise As Serpents inrepparttar 148971 chapter that goes intorepparttar 148972 details about howrepparttar 148973 Christian churches were organized byrepparttar 148974 FCC and WCC forrepparttar 148975 Illuminati.

The NWO is infiltratingrepparttar 148976 churches viarepparttar 148977 Earth Stewardship Movement. An attempt was made at Rio de Janeiro to get an Earth Charter but there wasn't enough time, there were lots of N.O.G. delegates and just in general lots of people to coordinate (4,000 attended). Another Earth Summit was promised, but instead they decided atrepparttar 148978 end of Sept/Oct of '95 to have a State ofrepparttar 148979 World Forum to be held by/sponsored byrepparttar 148980 Gorbachev Foundation atrepparttar 148981 Presidio, CA. The ex-head ofrepparttar 148982 KGB, Gorbachev is now headquartered inrepparttar 148983 Presideo, a major mind-control programming site. Christian basher Ted Turner wasrepparttar 148984 chairman ofrepparttar 148985 conference. The cost was $5,000 per person andrepparttar 148986 invitations went out to only select people. There were 100 handpicked politicians who received invitations, along with Billy Graham and Mother Teresa. This was coordinated withrepparttar 148987 50th anniversary ofrepparttar 148988 UN which was being celebrated all overrepparttar 148989 world.” (8)

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