Of Snakes and Terrorism

Written by Maureen Metcalf

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identified leader to fillrepparttar gap, he would be certain to further his agenda of terrorism, hoping most of it would be channeled toward Christians, Jews, and especiallyrepparttar 125925 nation of Israel! What is not known, is whetherrepparttar 125926 next generation of bred and groomed terrorist serpents will act predictably, emulating Arafat's pattern of behavior, or whether they will exercise their own wiley intellects to become more deadly through deception. Remember Eve was deceived byrepparttar 125927 serpent, andrepparttar 125928 whole world is still living withrepparttar 125929 consequences! Serpentine deception was absolutely effective in her day, and still is!! Beware! Examine evenrepparttar 125930 apparent "moderates" carefully. Jews and Christians are still prey and targets as long as even one deadly serpent remains unidentified to roamrepparttar 125931 earth. And Israel can still be "bitten!" Rejoice, but do not celebrate! Evil still lurks inrepparttar 125932 grass. Sincerely, Maureen Metcalf Along withrepparttar 125933 above, I would like to mentionrepparttar 125934 following: It is a known fact that folk often presentrepparttar 125935 memory ofrepparttar 125936 departed in a glowing respectable light. This is an attempt to bring some positive closure and comfort to those who were close torepparttar 125937 deceased. However, such falls short of reality when it comes to Arafat. It appears dignitaries from many nations who attended his funeral in Egypt, tried to cast a sympathetic shadow over Arafat, choosing to ignore his atrocities, capitalizing instead on his apparently noble struggles on behalf ofrepparttar 125938 Palestinian people, as if he were a misunderstood champion of freedom and peace. Nothing could be further fromrepparttar 125939 truth! The nations are kidding themselves by attempting to causerepparttar 125940 masses to believerepparttar 125941 lie that Arafat was really a good guy! Anyone who swallows their twisting ofrepparttar 125942 truth, is opening themselves up to further misconceptions and manipulation. If a man committed murder, and/or incited, trained, armed, and funded others to plot and carry out atrocities against innocent, unarmed civilians, that man was a criminal!! A monster! How it was remotely possible for Arafat to have been awardedrepparttar 125943 Nobel Laureate for Peace is incredulous! Even post-humously, this award should be stripped from Yasser Arafat's legacy! The record of his "achievements" and ‘exploits" indicate he wasrepparttar 125944 embodiment ofrepparttar 125945 opposite of peace and human decency! If Arafat is being hailed asrepparttar 125946 Father ofrepparttar 125947 Palestinian people and future nation, then he was not a very considerate "Father!" In fact, he was abusive! He claimed Palestinians were in need of humanitarian aid, but when that aid was sent by honestly well-meaning agencies and governments, he squirreled it away in such a manner that it is now difficult to separate outrepparttar 125948 humanitarian funds from his own obviously massive fortune, or from funds illegally acquired to support terrorism, leaving many of his own Palestinian "family"still impoverished. Since no one knew what he was doing withrepparttar 125949 money, he usedrepparttar 125950 deceptive leverage to claim poverty to gain even more millions! In other words, like his friend, Saddam Hussein, he withheld funds and aid from his own people so he could use their "plight" as a bargaining chip to hoodwink and fleece other nations. He took advantage of their good will! He usedrepparttar 125951 Palestinians for his own ends, to further his own agenda, allrepparttar 125952 while allowing them to believe he had their best interest at heart! They ought to be decrying him for that! What loving father withholds help from his own family, especially when repparttar 125953 funds are ear-marked specifically to help him care for their needs? This is despicable! But then, we also must remember, he is considered to berepparttar 125954 "Father" of international terrorism, and he obviously took much of these humanitarian funds, and applied them to his terrorist agenda. As such, it seems he had no qualms about practicing humanitarian terror against innocent Palestinian families! All Yasser Arafat's assets and accounts should be seized, analyzed by an impartial third party with expertise in international financial affairs, then every last penny (except for what his wife and daughter really need) distributed directly to each Palestinian family according to their needs. And,repparttar 125955 use of these funds should be continually monitored to make certain they do not directly, or even indirectly, support terrorism. In fact, a great portion of his funds should be channeled into agencies which will assistrepparttar 125956 victims of his atrocities, especially Israelis who have been maimed and bereaved, or need rehabilitation or re-training! Should Arafat be celebrated? Nope!! Not byrepparttar 125957 nations, and certainly not byrepparttar 125958 Palestinians!

Maureen is author of "The Final Schedule Revealed: In the Fall Feasts and Festivals" http://teshuvatrumpet.org

John Kerry Won the Election... Or so Says Harvard University

Written by Gary R. Hess

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If you watchedrepparttar election duringrepparttar 125924 2004 race, you would have noticedrepparttar 125925 huge difference betweenrepparttar 125926 exit polls andrepparttar 125927 actual vote tally. This isrepparttar 125928 reason. During exit polls every vote is counted no matter if you are white, black, man or woman. But withrepparttar 125929 actual vote tallyrepparttar 125930 only minority voters vote that counts arerepparttar 125931 ones who live in a white neighborhood.

Does this mean thatrepparttar 125932 democrats could easily ask for a re-count? Yes,repparttar 125933 problem is most ofrepparttar 125934 machines used in Ohio were voting machines -- which did not give out receipts. Alsorepparttar 125935 Secretary of State Katherine Harris would have to agree torepparttar 125936 recount, which she would not do because she wasrepparttar 125937 one who excluded more than 179,855 votes.

So what is next forrepparttar 125938 Democrats? I don't know, but something has to be done withrepparttar 125939 Civil Rights in this "great" country of ours.

Gary writes for Poetry Quotes and Articles.

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