Of Art and Cunning. What's the diff?

Written by William Kelly

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People who takerepparttar piss successfully like Voltaire, Ibsen and Shaw are called "great iconoclasts". People who are unsuccessful at it are called Salman Rushdie or more usually “the deceased” Salvador Dali, another applauded fox and roue, takes cunning torepparttar 109405 heights of art itself. A self-styled showman alongrepparttar 109406 lines of Barnum complete with waxed moustache and malacca cane Dali marketed himself onrepparttar 109407 back of his divinised wife Gala withrepparttar 109408 gusto of a Madame Hollywood. In reality, their relationship manifested allrepparttar 109409 warmth of a title fight. Dali kept his output deliberately low so that his produce would stay over-subscribed and therefore over-valued. Had he lived long enough he might well have floated himself onrepparttar 109410 stock market like David Bowie, himself a dabbler in pigment. Journalist and television hostrepparttar 109411 late Malcolm Muggeridge declared that Dali wasrepparttar 109412 worst man he ever interviewed. His egotism was insufferable, he wrote. And this to man who talked fondly of Winston Churchill! By contrast,repparttar 109413 best man he ever interviewed was Brendan Behanrepparttar 109414 boundaries of whose ego stretched no further thanrepparttar 109415 next pint. Brendan just sat there in his studio chair, oblivious to any and every question, singing his head off, and then promptly fell asleep. Dali’s bag was, of course, Freudian psychoanalytic theory which he illustrated using his “paranoiac method”, a red herring if ever there was. Gullible Americans addicted torepparttar 109416 couch boughtrepparttar 109417 lot wholesale and made Dali collectible beyond his wildest hallucinations. You can’t help but admire it, eh? Freud’s nephew, byrepparttar 109418 way died in 1998 atrepparttar 109419 age of 105. He wasrepparttar 109420 founding father ofrepparttar 109421 global-mind control we call ‘modern advertizing’. He used to visit his uncle regularly in pursuit of a good slogan. One wanders if he ever bumped into Salvador Dali onrepparttar 109422 stairs.

Will Kelly is one of The Bogside Artists Ireland's most famous muralists. He has worked as as freelance journalist on-and-off for years and is author of The Bogside Artists' website; http://www.bogsideartists.com

Back to School? Avoid shortcuts that turn into detours.

Written by Cathy Goodwin, Ph.D.

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Janine's program was perfect for some of her classmates.

John had been teaching for ten years at a small religious college when a new president insisted that all professors become doctorally qualified. John had neither time nor motivation to embark on a rigorous research-oriented program. Anyway, he had job security in a place he liked. He just neededrepparttar fastest graduate program possible -- and he already knew how to write a dissertation.

Louise had won outstanding performance ratings with Mega Corp. After fifteen years she had seniority. Her bachelors degree and CPA certificate had taken her has far as she could go and her boss recommended an MBA - from anywhere. She, too, is a candidate for non-traditional online coursework.

Bottom Line: Try before you buy. Talk to recent graduates of any program -- and pick those who resemble you. If you're a novice inrepparttar 109404 field, don’t compare yourself to a graduate with a twenty-year track record who's adding icing to his cake. You may needrepparttar 109405 cake to make your next move.

Cathy Goodwin, Ph.D., a former college professor and long-time student, now works with midcareer, midlife professionals who want to get on the fast track to career freedom.

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