Ode to a thinker

Written by Sumra

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arms? Do you See, smell, hear, feel, and taste that Thinker?...I smell it, I hear it, I taste it, I feel it, but I do not see it, yet arms hold me close to itís eyes like keys and itís breath like night air.... Oh Thinkerrepparttar playfulness,repparttar 146078 smell,repparttar 146079 mystic time,repparttar 146080 running...... It plays in steeps, it smells of sweet, it feels like wheat and I see it....... Thinker what do you see that I can not?........ two golden rings, an ocean of cream, a narrow feather, a summer leaf, you seerepparttar 146081 opposite... Thinker dose it fly whenrepparttar 146082 sleep has swallowed?...... it will move and it will eat and it will have no flight with out wings but it will find flight in rendering sleep...Thinker what are you thinking now.....My memory betrays me, and will betray you as well, our words spin round our lifeís sine, around it hitsrepparttar 146083 same things again and again .........Thinker, Iíve seen it before so donít say I havenít.......I will not, I will not.......Days, nights, woven distraught. :K.S.Fellow


"How You Can Find Freelance Childrenís Writing Positions That Will Last"

Written by Niall Cinneide

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Using creative ideas within a project is fine and often rewarded, but if they do not follow in with whatrepparttar client desires, problems will arise. Communication can be a factor that breaks or makerepparttar 146023 relationship. Freelance childrenís writing positions are out there. Job vacancies are regularly advertised. But, to getrepparttar 146024 ones that will last, you have to takerepparttar 146025 first step by presenting yourself as a good person forrepparttar 146026 company to work with. By communicating about goals, ideas, and expectations, there is little room for mistakes or failure. Instead, you can build on these jobs so that they become regular employment.

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