Oblivious Webmasters and E-zine Publishers Sitting on a 24 carat Goldmine!

Written by Duncan Carver

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There's no doubt about it e-book marketing works and is effective. Evenrepparttar highly intelligent and respected people at IMC (http://www.marketingchallenge.com) have realized this and released their own e-book of articles that they've previously published both in their newsletter and on their web site - so what about this 24 carat goldmine I mentioned you're probably sitting on? Well we'll take two examples that will clearly show how many of you can begin to tap into this medium almost overnight.

The first beingrepparttar 108543 content fromrepparttar 108544 web site of a person who visited Carvers E-Book Marketing Center several days ago. You can find their web site "The Small Business Knowledge Center" at http://bizmove.com. This is prime example of an online business that is truly sitting on a 24 carrot goldmine.

On their home page you will notice 8 major sections all quite distinct but atrepparttar 108545 same time all similarly related to small business information. Here I already count 8 unique e-books that if complied inrepparttar 108546 appropriate manner and released for free distribution could see this web masters web site promotion blues gone forever! Imagine if just one of those e-books brought similar results as that of Mark Joyner's. Imagine if 2 or 3 of them did!

While this an extremely good example anyone with a set of articles, a short tutorial, back issues of their e-zine or collection of useful information can create an e-book. Let's take a different example. Take a quick visit to "Golfgateway" at http://www.golfgateway.com. You will find a link onrepparttar 108547 left side titled "Tips fromrepparttar 108548 Pros". While this web site lacks any articles as such, even golf related web sites could harnessrepparttar 108549 power of e-book marketing.

Compiling an e-book of all past pro tips effectively titled "The Little Golden E-Book of Super Golf Tips fromrepparttar 108550 Pros" and then giving it away for free they would have then created a book that I'm 100% certain people will begin to pass on to their friends. The beauty is that these friends sharerepparttar 108551 same interests and are thereforerepparttar 108552 same highly targeted prospects that arerepparttar 108553 most desired visitors torepparttar 108554 Golfgateway web site!

I'm also 100% certain that they would find or already have associated web sites that would gladly like to offer their free e-book for download as an incentive to attract more visitors to their own web sites.

It's also probably quite ridiculousrepparttar 108555 amount of money that both webmasters from these examples spend on web site promotion each and every month. When you consider thatrepparttar 108556 small cost to begin and continually harnessrepparttar 108557 power of e-book marketing it's almost crazy they themselves and others aren't exploring it.

While this article couldn't possibly provide you with allrepparttar 108558 techniques and methods that are required to successfully explore and experiencerepparttar 108559 results of e-book marketing I hope that I have brought this relatively new medium to your serious consideration.

Duncan Carver is a student at Victoria University, Wellington, New Zealand. Visit he's eBook Marketing Center for tons of free eBooks Internet Marketing related eBooks and eBook Creation Software. Visit: http://carver.bizland.com today!

If You Can't Beat Them. . . Join Them!

Written by Kristie Tamsevicius

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- Easy and inexpensive to create. You don't need a printer or publisher, just a good idea and some software!

- Quickly and easily distributed and updated. Your ebook can easily grow and change.

- Interactivity. Hyperlinks, sound, and video allowrepparttar reader to become more involved withrepparttar 108542 piece than they would with traditional printed matter.

- Immediately accessible. In a matter of seconds someone can download an ebook.

- Permanence. Unlike radio or television, ebooks are a more permanent media. They can be read at leisure. This makes ebook material more likely to be remembered and referenced.

-Easy to navigate. Hyperlinks can be used both withinrepparttar 108543 piece and to links onrepparttar 108544 Internet.

- Less barriers torepparttar 108545 market. Anyone with a computer and some software can create an ebook. No waiting and hoping to get published. Once you write an ebook, your place inrepparttar 108546 market is certain.

-Allow total creative freedom. You don't have to work through an editor, a design house, or wait for red marks to be placed on your script. You are in charge ofrepparttar 108547 look and feel of your piece!

You can use ebooks as a free giveaway, as a thank you gift, or as an add-on bonus when a customer purchases a product or service. Looking for a surefire way to get better response to your survey? Reward visitors who fill out your survey with an ebook. An ebook on disk makes a fantastic virtual brochure. Make a big impact with prospects when you placing your ebook on disk and tuck it in with a sales letter.

If you have ever dreamed of writing a book, then I invite you seize this opportunity to write your own ebook. Whether your goal is one of fame, fortune, notoriety, or personal accomplishment, writing an ebook can be a step inrepparttar 108548 right direction.

Kristie Tamsevicius is President of Kristie's Custom Design (http://www.kcustom.com) a full service web development and hosting services.

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