Obesity - The Number 1 Health Issue in the US

Written by Jimmie Newell

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This is a huge committment to make, findingrepparttar diet program that you are comfortable with, and can stay with will make a big difference.

If you or someone you know is overweight, finding a way that works for you or them to lose weight and to maintain a weight healthy lifestyle could improve health and extend life.

Many people who are overweight are on medication to lower blood pressure, control blood cholesterol levels, or control diabetes. Losing weight can lead to improvement in those conditions and may even allow your Doctor to reduce dosages or in some cases take you off medications.

How can "To Your Health" 101 help?

New and original articles concerning weight loss and many other health issues, written by myself and a multitude of guest authors.

Motivational and support tips

Internet resources you can go to for help, including:

Links to Diet Plan sites Suggested reading Surveys

Because I am also overweight, and constantly battle to maintain that elusive healthy lifestyle, chronicling my own journey, may provide inspiration for someone to continue.

To Your Health

Jim Newell

Jimmie Newell is the webmaster for http://www.ToYourHealth101.com, a health & wellness website, featuring editorials, tips, information and links addressing many of the health issues of today.

What I Discovered About Heel And Foot Pain Could Save You Hundreds Of $$$ And A Lot Of Pain!

Written by Jimmie Newell

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That same evening I played golf in my weekly golf league, and was talking to one of my team mates aboutrepparttar orthotics, only to discover that he was well aware of this affliction and in fact had been suffering from it for a couple of years! what I also discovered was that he wore orthitics in his shoes, that he had only paid $24.00 for. We compared his to mine, and found that withrepparttar 146528 exception ofrepparttar 146529 material they were made of, and a small variation in size, they were identical.

Later that evening I got onrepparttar 146530 Internet and researchedrepparttar 146531 symptoms, causes, treatments and long term prognosis for plantar fasciitis. Treatments range from stretching exercises to surgery, with over 90% of persons afflicted being helped substantially with stretching exercises and orthotics. I also found that there was little difference in recovery using "custom orthotics" vs. "offrepparttar 146532 shelf" products. Treatment using these methods lasts 2 to 30 months, withrepparttar 146533 average patient being helped in about 9 months.

The next day I returned torepparttar 146534 chain store and demanded a refund,repparttar 146535 same technician who had helped merepparttar 146536 day before andrepparttar 146537 store manager, went into a prolonged explanation that they were aware ofrepparttar 146538 competing brand which they said were made of inferior materials, which would break down very quickly, and they were not available in as wide an array of sizes. Again we compromised and I ended up with a refund of $197.00.

Later that day I went online to DrLeonards.com searched for Phase 4 orthotics, and bought enough for all of my pairs of shoes for $14.95 a pair! Of course you don't need a pair for each pair of shoes, you can switch them from pair to pair.

I wore these devices for about 12 - 18 months and then stopped wearing them more than 2 years ago,repparttar 146539 heel pain that I had experienced has not returned, I now dorepparttar 146540 recommended foot exercises before a long walk, or just at random when I think of it, and I know I can always go back torepparttar 146541 orthotics if I need to. In that length of timerepparttar 146542 "offrepparttar 146543 shelf" orthotics performed just as well asrepparttar 146544 1 pair of "custom" orthotics that I was using and showed no sign of deterioration.

Note: This is a description of what worked for me, and may not work for you. If you sufferrepparttar 146545 described symptoms, you should consult your Dr. and follow his or her advise.

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To Your Health,

Jim Newell

Jimmie Newell is the webmaster for http://www.ToYourHealth101.com, a health & wellness website, featuring editorials, tips, information and links addressing many of the health issues of today.

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