O. S. ARI - Some Anecdodes of Him -he was famous also for his wit and wisdom

Written by eoa uk

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IGNORANT WE ALL ARE of many things, he thought –some of us, even of our ignorance…

PERSEVERANCE it was an example of,repparttar little delicate plant that shots and grows throughrepparttar 118212 concrete ofrepparttar 118213 pavement …

WHINING “O-oh!..” his friend explained, “I missed my train.. oh, I was twenty minutes late.. I am so sorry…” He replied: “Don’t be –you would have missed it also if you were only twenty seconds late..!”

EVOLUTION.. “we were apes”… Now..?! Were we not, now, ‘man’!?..

JUSTIFICATIONS of some reminded him of someone in his early teens to whom he had given leaflets, booklets, on how harmful smoking was –some months laterrepparttar 118214 teenager came to him waving a newspaper which mentioned that an elderly person was a smoker…

RELATIONSHIPS had much to do with knowing that one could not stand before a mirror and make faces and expect to see a smiling image...

STRENGTH did not necessarily suffice ~”I am a wrestler!” threatened one –the other laughed: “But.. I am a runner...”

GOD “Perhaps does not exist;” he said “but, Sir, what if He does..!?”

POPULARITY it helped to wear a smile –the vinegar merchant who smiled had more customers thanrepparttar 118215 honey merchant who did not…

Author's research unfortunately could not include all of the articles of the late thinker -his anecdotes above are not from those articles themselves

Death Becomes Her

Written by Tamara Jong

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importance priorities (!) on emails that aren’t urgent, misspell, lackrepparttar proper grammar or punctuation (spell check isn’t foolproof) and capitalize letters which are equivalent to SHOUTING! We know of “Road Rage”, but there’s alsorepparttar 118211 wrath ofrepparttar 118212 email that’s slowly terrorizingrepparttar 118213 countryside. No one has been killed so far on account of an email, but remember this caution and advice if you email colleagues and clients. Don’t take for granted picking uprepparttar 118214 phone or speaking face to face to clarify issues and make deals. ‘Cause maybe you’ll hearrepparttar 118215 same thing being said about you, “So-and-so is no longer with us.” Maybe we won’t think it’s terribly funny when our ex-company is sayingrepparttar 118216 same thing about us.

Respectfully In Memoriam of John Ritter-1948-2003

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