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"Society isrepparttar soil, individualsrepparttar 149337 seeds to grow Honest & sure'srepparttar 149338 deal: you reap what you sow"

Philosophy, science, argued religion, great philosophers differed on God -education and teaching of and by educators, teachers, continued to be based on obstinacy and ignorance; whether on spirituality with accepted unknowns man considered himself more knowledgeable in teaching and education on much eastern and western philosophy by many eastern and western philosophers on afterlife than when inrepparttar 149339 womb aboutrepparttar 149340 world, was 'God' of religion not basicallyrepparttar 149341 ‘mysterious force' of all philosophers and philosophy and science -reminding of same basic values of all philosophers and philosophy in keeping social order that were, as based e.g. on ‘the ten commandments', of all religious, materialist, secular societies?!

Despite philosophers and philosophy, educators and teachers and education, wasn't man's imagination shameless, unknowns of philosophers and philosophy and science limiting reason -and (notwithstanding influences through religion, philosophers and philosophy, science, educators and teachers in education and teaching) in religions, major faiths, beliefs that came into play regulate philosophers', philosophy's, psychology's ‘conscience'?!

Concern with language of philosophers, of philosophy, had to be more, extended beyond its symbolism which knowledge changed: Language, was being perverted with biases or ignorance -it was disservice to future generations that e.g. ‘gaiety' they would hardly understandrepparttar 149342 meaning of as used in great literature ~it was as wrong for artistes, intellectuals, academics, to consider forceful replacing of words from languages of nations they hailed to be advancement in civilisation as internationally to fund literacy programs to teach basic ‘international language'; language competently used had been responsible for social reforms through e.g. Dickens or Ibsen, such enjoyment through e.g. Shakespeare or Fuzuli, such mystical and philosophical literature as e.g. Goethe's -the long term effect might be comparable to e.g. loss of great works of literature and philosophy by mobs' burning ofrepparttar 149343 library of Alexandria. Philosophers in education, teachers, it fell upon, in teaching, to explain, to ensure appreciation of this.

In philosophy philosophers, in teaching and education educators and teachers, did innocent disservice where on lines of biases or ignorance of influences based on philosophy and teaching truth of two and two making four dependent on who said it, even in terms of e.g. of Avecinna's philosophy being right but Ibn Sina's philosophy wrong ~much more than man's experiences when young did that at all times enable cruelty by presenting to man his fellow men as bad, his being advocated by abusers of his innocence or byrepparttar 149344 ignorant to behave badly effecting similar response; there was much to an address to a teachers school that true victory and greatest service to mankind was against ignorance. It fell on philosophy and philosophers in education, on educators, teachers, to take heed ofrepparttar 149345 need to balance practical teaching with academic teaching enabling doers to be or with them also there to be thinkers ~man aspired to quiet enjoyment -did not systems that failed man's aspirations to cherish always perish?!

It would not help knowledge in philosophy or in teaching and education of and by educators and teachers for philosophical thought to resign itself to silence on what none could deny but many could not explain; philosophy and philosophers, philosophical thought and philosophical logic, unaffected by ‘metaphilosphy' existed because man's curiosity compelled him what he could not know to seek to have an insight into, although one could not identically experience another's e.g. joy or pain and disagreement on e.g.repparttar 149346 extent of it was possible and argument in view of unequal knowledge possibly impossible ~in philosophy philosophers, in teaching and education educators, teachers, aspiring to prevent forcing on or distorting young minds were forgetting that religions advocated a mind usable well or badly as sciencerepparttar 149347 intellect and philosophy man's will in systems and orders requiring faith in unknowns or faith in reasons secret and both abusable, some assuming only e.g. Dewey or Darwin worth mention, St. La Salle or monk Mendell not -that disregarded man's reasons in requiring, e.g. UK's Education Act, when a theory is taught other theories onrepparttar 149348 matter also to be to enable man to apply his own mind, and that insight.

Philosophy was not nonsense divorced from logic, nor affected ‘metaphilosopy' application of philosophical logic, inductive or deductive, torepparttar 149349 known about bothrepparttar 149350 known andrepparttar 149351 unknown -also inrepparttar 149352 latter respect capable of useful sense. Scientific research on philosophy, even with e.g. eventual agreement with millennia old philosophy and philosophers on man's faculties in relation to teaching and education, was good ~but that scorn through educators and teachers in formal teaching and education for philosophy and philosophers was considerably based on ignorance, e.g. of psychologists' increasing acceptance of ‘mind', of evolutionary theories not being as hypothesised,repparttar 149353 uncertainty principle of physics, personal development theories being adaptations from philosophy and philosophers, was bad for teaching, education, educators, teachers.

Man had potential, always learned -his appearance of being more capable of learning when young had to do with many concerns of adult life affecting as non-use did a car battery ~love aided in education and teaching but left much to be desired if rapport or response was without conscious understanding.

Educators and teachers in teaching, philosophers in philosophy, did owe care in teaching and education not to couple biases affecting teaching and education contrary to man's aspirations with such innocence -that began by exercising thought in education, and teaching to think.

"Neverrepparttar 149354 thinker expires Who in others thinking inspires"

Author's authority is based on published and unpublished reference to and by Orhan Seyfi Ari, in outline ~including some of his articles, poems, fmiliaity, various deeds by various personages accounted and hailed.

"Nature's Fireworks" - A Beginner's Guide to OPAL - Part 6/7 Valuing Opals and Opal Dictionary

Written by Stuart Bazga

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Doublet: Opal with an attached dark coloured backing.

Drive: A horizontal underground tunnel.

Free-Form: A naturally shaped opal something other than

oval or round stone.

Harlequin: Type of opal pattern with a checkerboard

appearance, rare and expensive.

Hoist: A bucket attached to a framework in a shaft,

used to carry dirt torepparttar surface.

Level: Usuallyrepparttar 149336 layer of opal bearing dirt.

Matrix: Any material with specks running through it.

Nobby: Nodule of opal almost exclusively from

Lightning Ridge.

Parcel: A collection of any number of opals, either

rough, rubs or cut, offered for sale.

Pinfire: Type of opal pattern where specks of different

colour coversrepparttar 149337 whole stone.

Potch: Opal without any colour, also called common


Puddler: Forerunner ofrepparttar 149338 agitator, a mesh drum.

Rough: Opal in its natural state, as it comes out of the


Rubs: Opal pieces intially shaped withrepparttar 149339 waste material,

sand removed but not yet cut and polished.

Seam: Opal found in a layer rather than in nobbies.

Shaft: A vertical hole down to a mine.

Solid: A natural occurring solid piece of opal, cut into a


Tailings: Material left after opal dirt fromrepparttar 149340 mine has

been washed.

Triplet: A stone comprising a thin layer of natural opal

with an attached dark backing and a clear quartz


Windlass: Forerunner ofrepparttar 149341 hoist, hand operated device for

raising buckets of opal dirt torepparttar 149342 surface by

by means of a cable and drum with handles.

Yowah Nut: Small ironstone boulder, containing opal either as

a solid kernel or in concentric layers.

That concludes this 7 part series. I hope you have enjoyed reading - "Natures Fireworks" - A begginers Guide to Opal.

Together, these six articles when printed out, combine to giverepparttar 149343 novice, opal enthusiast or collector who has a little or no understanding of opals an insight intorepparttar 149344 world of these Queen of Gems.

Best wishes and have a great day

Stuart Bazga


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