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There are some great services dedicated to photo sharing that offer unlimited photo storage space for a nominal fee. These include Pixagogo, which is a web-based service for sharing, organizing and storing your digital photos inside instant albums that can be viewed by anyone you want. It's an easy way to share photos with others, and an excellent means of backing up valuable photos or publishing illustrations on a web site or a market place. For a $5 monthly membership fee, you get unlimited secure storage of your original images of any size for as long as you want. Pixagogo's features include easy drag & drop photo uploading,repparttar ability to create elegant online albums and full screen slide shows, share selected album links with family and friends via a simple email link, and a self-organizing photo timeline. You can also order prints on Fuji paper at competitive prices.

There are also several inexpensive software applications for photo sharing onrepparttar 116198 web, including FotoFinish andrepparttar 116199 SendPix sharing feature of ACDSee 6.0. With both programs you can email photos directly fromrepparttar 116200 application at sizes you specify. FotoFinish also gives you 20MB of free personal web space to upload and share your albums or individual photos. ACDSee lets you share up to 50 photos in an unlimited number of albums on their server at no charge for up to 30 days. It also has an HTML photo album generator so you can create web page photo albums to upload to your own site.

Whatever method you choose, sharing your pics onrepparttar 116201 net is a great timesaver with lots of opportunity for creativity.

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Make it Tonight! Glowing Glass Jar Party Lights

Written by Patricia A. Ziegler

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After you've assembled several jars, hang them in a convenient spot and color them withrepparttar glass stain. You can paint each jar all one shade, or make it fancy with leading and any decorative design of your choosing. Just followrepparttar 116197 manufacturer's instructions.

Whenrepparttar 116198 glass stain has thoroughly dried, add about two inches of sand to each jar, and insertrepparttar 116199 candles.

It's Party Time!

You've hung your jars in their final party location. The sun has finally set! So strike a match, turn 'em on, and bask inrepparttar 116200 glow of your festive, flickering party lights!


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