Written by Joseph Rooney

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You see sometimes we forget me included ofrepparttar money thatís onrepparttar 138011 table here to be earned in any good ethical Networking Marketing company that is - with this simple logic and get more distracted byrepparttar 138012 high techcie stuff andrepparttar 138013 "what ifs" &repparttar 138014 "what notís" etc etc....

Now do yourself a positive favour for a minute, Think about this logic guys for about 1 minute (no longer or youíll procrastinate) & dorepparttar 138015 math and then "GO DO IT" with persistence & commitment and never give up and then its impossible for your network marketing commission cheque not to grow..

An extra $500 to $1000 a month would drastically change most families lifestyles

Iím here to help you Grow your Network Marketing business

Your Friend & Business Partner in success,

Joseph Rooney

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Duplicating With the Color of Your MLM-Chute

Written by Richard Reese

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As a leader you must create multiple duplication systems based onrepparttar color of a person's mlm-chute. For instance, a person has just signed up to join your company. One ofrepparttar 137682 first things out of your mouth should be how do you want to approach building your business?

You'll find that many people will have no idea how to build their business, so then you ask them what sort of personality they possess.

Are they more extroverted and outgoing or are they more reserved and introverted? For a person that is more outgoing and extroverted you don't want to duplicate them inrepparttar 137683 direction of an email or postcard campaign, but something that gets them communicating with people in a face-to-face or a telephone environment.

For a person that is more introverted a leader might spend a little more time helping them develop their warm market lists so they can gain experience communicating with people they know or teach them about creating an email campaign because it is not face to face selling.

Whateverrepparttar 137684 case might be, remember a one-size-shoe does not fit us all and if you can communicate better with your business partners, then you are that much closer to creating a fulfilling and lucrative career.

Richard Reese (c) 2005

Richard Reese, teacher, author, professional networker; creator of Alpha-to-Omega MLM A-to-Z eCourse, a complete new-in-the-box manual for network marketing without fear or rejection. Sign up at his website and read more of his story at

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